Pawalla Deluxe July 2013

I love me some Pawalla! I know a lot of people don’t like to give their dogs wet food and I never really have other than here and there as a treat or for specific health reasons (a dog getting over an illness, etc.), but the wet food in Pawalla is so natural and healthy, that I decided it’s a good idea to expose my dogs to some new proteins. They always eat lamb in their dry food (I feed them Diamond Natural Large Breed), but it’s nice to change up the meats with wet food and treats.

Watch my unboxing video here and see my dogs!

Here’s July’s box! I love all of the little compartments inside.


Doesn’t everything look awesome?! I think this box was a great mix of treats, hygiene items, and wet food. Yummers!


 Wigzi Treat Pocket Bone: $12.99

This bone is made in the US from recyclable materials. Gotta love that! And it has 2 pockets for treats. I actually stuffed it with 2 cookies that also came in the Pawalla box and my dogs loved trying to get them out! It also smells like vanilla. My puppy is actually still chewing on this bone. He’s already started to rip it up (after 10 minutes), so if you have super hefty chewers, it’s not going to last a long time, but my puppy (a 10 month old Weimaraner) can get through almost any toy in record time. I just take away the small pieces when he rips them off and let him keep chewing! *2 hours later and my puppy is still obsessed with this toy! He has ripped off a big chunk of it, but it’s still going strong. *He had this ripped up into about 5 different pieces by the end of the night. Now he’s chewing on the two giant ends.


YumZies Natural Hickory Bacon Flavor Treats, 6 ounces: $6.99

These treats are grain free and have omega 3 and fatty acids in them. Can’t beat that! Chicken sourced in the USA is the first ingredient. They are a soft treat, which is a great treat for training. My puppy needs so much training, it’s embarrassing…


The Honest Kitchen Ice Pups, .5 ounce: $1.39

This pack gets mixed with water and frozen into ice cube trays for a cool treat on a hot day! There is chicken and turkey plus some other healthy ingredients like asparagus and parsley. You can also mix the pack with warm water and serve warm in a bowl on a cold day.

DSCF4866 Poop bags (12) and duffel: $2 (just a guess!)

What can I say? Everyone could use some more poop bags! And this holder feels durable and water resistant. Plus, it has a hook and velcro!


Locomotion Pet Treats Honey Apple Cookies, 6 ounces: $2.25

My dogs seemed to like these. They are a cute round cookie made of natural, healthy ingredients. And they’re made in the USA! A requirement in my house! Even though they don’t retail for much, there are actually quite a few cookies in this box!


Flying Basset Organics Breath Spray, 4 fl ounces: $15.95

I can’t wait to try this on my older dog (a 7 year old Weimaraner) whose breath gets stinky sometimes. I probably won’t use it on my puppy. You are supposed to spray 5-6 times into your dog’s mouth (if you have a large breed) at night before bedtime to freshen breath. What a fun idea! I don’t brush my dogs’ teeth, so this is a great, easy and fast alternative. *My older dog wasn’t a big fan of getting this sprayed in his mouth. I hope he gets used to it! My puppy, on the other hand, loved it and thought it was a fun game. It has a nice, light scent.

DSCF4862by Nature Wet Food Entrees, Salmon with Lentils inYogurt & Lemon Grass Sauce, 13 ounces: $2.08

by Nature Wet Food Entrees, Duck, Green Bean & Wild Rice Stew, 13 ounces: $2.08

The first ingredient in these is salmon and duck. Perfect for my pups! *My dogs tried out the duck food today and kept looking in their bowls and on the counter for more when they finished. I’m afraid they now expect a gourmet meal each time I feed them.

The total value of the July 2013 box is $45.73! A monthly subscription costs $30 (free shipping) and a 6 month subscription costs $28/month (free shipping). Pawalla is a great value. The companies they choose are always high quality and sourced in the USA!

If you’re interested in Pawalla, get $6.50 off a subscription! Just use my referral link:


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