Barkbox July 2013

Barkbox this month was simply AMAZING! After last month’s slightly disappointing box, I love this one! And so do my dogs.

Watch my unboxing video here:

 This month’s goodies:

DSCF4870That’s my 7 year old Weimaraner Jackson! He doesn’t look that excited, but he loves this box!

DSCF4871 DSCF4872

Wigzi Treat Pocket Bone: $12.99

We got one of these in our Pawalla box and Mandela loved it! He ripped it up in less than 2 days, but it was entertainment for a few hours. He’s already working his way with this one. This  is a green one made especially for Barkbox and is made with recyclable materials in the US. This one feels more durable than the one we got in the Pawalla box.


Clear Conscience Sliders: $3.32

We got the Chicken and Cheddar and the Beef and Cheddar flavors. I’m so glad there are 2 in the box, so each of my dogs can have one! These are like jerky.


Safe Made Travel Dog Bowl: $5 (?)

This bowl is BPA free and made in the USA. It can be squished into all different ways and still retain its shape. How cute! It is also specially designed for Barkbox. The inside is adorable. #woof


Mr. Barksmith’s Cool Treats Smoothies for Dogs, 1.75 fl ounces: $1.33

You just pop this in the freezer and give it to your dog to lick out! I’ll have to think of a creative way to share this with 2 dogs.


Max & Ruffy’s Tree of Life Coconut, Molasses & Flax Treats, 5 ounces: $4.99

These are USDA Organic and grain-free. I’ve never given my dogs any treats with coconut, so I’m interested to see if they like it! I also got a 20% off coupon at Max & Ruffy’s website by using the code “barkbox.”

no grains

Nootie No Grainers Hickory Bacon Flavor Treats, 5 ounces: $5.34

These are small soft chews. Perfect for training! And my dogs love bacon.


My dogs enjoying their Barkbox! Jackson is wondering where his treat is, because he doesn’t really play with toys anymore.

DSCF4880Mandela going to town on his new toy! He’s 15 minutes into it and he’s already ripped it into a few pieces. But he rips up EVERYTHING. Even $40 toys. He’s in that stage.

The total value of the July 2013 box is $32.97! With a 6 month subscription, I paid $19 for this box. Well worth the money! If you want to get $5 off your first Barkbox subscription, please use my referral link:

Loving Barkbox this month!!


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