Woof Wag Play July 2013

This was our first ever Woof Wag Play Box. They are a new company and are going to be pushing an eco-friendly angle starting with their August box. I hope it’s a much better box than July’s box, because I wasn’t that impressed. And for a company that prides itself on choosing the finest products, 3 of the items were made in China from this month’s box. None of those were food items, but still! That was very disappointing to me. I paid $25/month for 3 months, so I have 2 more months to try them out. I’ve been trying a lot of dog boxes lately and eventually want to settle on 2 of them for my pups. Unfortunately Woof Wag Play is not a contender right now.

Watch my unboxing video! http://youtu.be/z0pWqgLKPX8

Here was our July 2013 Woof Wag Play Box:

DSCF4883Mandela just couldn’t stay out of this box!


Merrick Ranger Rib Dog Bones (2): $2.39

These were enjoyed by my dogs immensely. Jackson ate his entire bone in about 15 minutes, though. These are not long lasting!


Charming Pet Balloon Dog Toy: $4.24

I’m not a huge fan of squeaker toys, because they are so annoying. I haven’t given this to Mandela yet, because I’m afraid he’ll rip it up in 5 minutes. He will definitely have to be supervised! *As predicted, Mandela ripped this up in just a few minutes. And there’s stuffing inside. Once he got to the stuffing, I just threw it away.


Earth Rated Poop Bags with 15 bags: $2.99

The case seems durable, the bags smell good, and “earth-rated” sounds good, though I have no clue what that means. These are made in CHINA, which I find totally uncool.


Tumbleweed & Eddie’s Lobster Bisque Treats (6 ounces): $7.95

I haven’t tried these out yet with my dogs, but I love to give them new proteins through treats. I’m excited about these! This is my favorite item in the box by far. *My dogs LOVED these. They ate the entire bag in about a week. Yum!


RC Pet Products Water Wallet: $12.00

This is a cool idea. I’m not sure how well it would hold water, but I will probably use it as a bath product storage case so I can easily bring in and out all the bath supplies when I bathe my dogs outside. I also would not pay $12 for this!

The total value of the July 2013 box is $29.57. I only paid $25 for the box, but I wouldn’t pay $12 for the water wallet, which makes up almost 1/2 of the total cost of the box. I wish there had been another bag of treats. That would have really made this box shine. Plus, all of the China made products have sort of turned me off. I’m looking forward to seeing what Woof Wag Play does next month with their new eco-friendly angle. I hope no China-made products and more treats!


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