July 2013 Stars and Duds

There was so much to try in July! I’ve chosen 2 stars for the month and 2 duds.


Here’s what I loved:



Tumbleweed & Eddie’s Lobster Bisque Treats

Product Website: http://www.tumbleweedandeddies.com/

Box: Woof Wag Play

Why It’s a Star: My dogs LOVED these treats! They were very excited whenever I took the bag out. More so than some of their other treat bags. Plus, the protein (lobster!) is so unique. What a great idea for dogs!



Nature’s Bakery Strawberry Fig Bar

Product Website: http://naturesbakery.com/

Box: Love with Food

Why It’s a Star: This is the best fig bar I’ve ever had! And 2 come in each pack. These have Fig Newtons (which, last time I checked, are loaded with sugar and some artificial ingredients) beat by a long shot. I would love to try all the flavors of these!




Twangerz Snack Toppings

Box: Love with Food

Why It’s a Dud: I had high hopes for these on popcorn. I tried the chili lime salt one and it was way too lime and artificial tasting. I could only eat a few bites of it and then I had to eat the rest of my popcorn how I traditionally do (with coconut oil and sea salt). No, thank you!



Charming Pet Balloon Dog Toy

Box: Woof Wag Play

Why It’s  Dud: This is just a cheap toy. It’s very rubbery and Mandela ripped it up in about 5 seconds. Not even worth the $4 it retails for. I hope Woof Wag Play puts higher quality toys in their future boxes!


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