Conscious Box August 2013

I got my August Conscious box! I love the variety in Conscious box: beauty, home items, personal care, snacks, etc. Something I’m not a huge fan of is the amount of supplements they have been sending. I just haven’t jumped on this band wagon and don’t think it’s all that healthy to take one serving of a supplement/vitamin/mineral. Plus, how am I supposed to know if something works with only one dose? I got my Conscious Box subscription for 50% off, so it’s not a huge deal, but if I were a full subscriber at $20/month, I wouldn’t be too pleased with all these supplement packets. Plus, 2 of the items in here are EXPIRED! I contacted Conscious Box and they are going to replace those items for me. Yay, CB! They always have great customer service.  I am pretty happy with a bunch of stuff this month and am excited to try it all out and review it in my September video.

Watch my August unboxing!  

Here’s what I got!


So much to try, I couldn’t show it all in the picture! There are always layers to the CB each month.

Slumberland Snacks Sleep Squares (2): $2.40

I’m really excited to try these, but they expired a couple days ago! I hope CB replaces them. I’ll open them up tonight and see if they still seem OK and safe to eat.

Sneakz Organic Yummy Veggie Nutrition Shake (Chocolate, 8 fl ounces): $2.08

I LOVE these kind of things! I don’t care that it’s for kids. I drank up the one I got in July’s box and I’m sure I’ll down this one, too.

Stash Lavender Organic Tea (1 packet): $.15

I’m not a tea fan, but I do love lavender. At the very least, I can heat this up in the winter and use it as aromatherapy. I’ll definitely be saving this for colder days, though.

MRM Veggie Protein Vanilla (12.5 grams): $.40

This looks very interesting to me. I’m not a big fan of water packet supplements, but this is in a Vanilla shake like flavor, so it might be right up my alley. The fruity ones you add to water are just kind of gross to me. I’d rather just drink water. I hope I like this one more!


Happytot super todler bars (Organic Chocolate Sunbutter, 2 bars): $1.75

These look delicious! Again- who cares that they are for todlers? I’m going to eat them!

Barbara’s Organic Snackimals Cereal (Cinnamon Crunch, 1.05 ounces): $.75

Barbara’s is one of my favorite cereal brands. I’m going to eat this with some almond milk. Yum! I wish CB had included a Barbara’s coupon to use. That would have made this box awesome.

Country Choice Organic Oatmeal (Maple Spice, one serving): FREE sample

This is also expired, though only by a couple days. I hope it’s still good. I’m not a huge oatmeal fan, but I’m willing to try it out for breakfast!


MRM Digest-All (2 caplets): $.40

I guess this is an OK supplement since it treats an actual condition (upset stomach, gas, etc.). I will plan to use it for that, though you are supposed to have it with or before a meal.

Allimax Allicin (2 capsules): $1.60

This is a pretty expensive supplement. It’s a garlic type supplement that’s used to treat colds and infections. I rarely get sick, but I will keep it in my medicine pantry until then or give it to someone if they become sick.

Nordic Naturals Omega-3 Jellies (2): $1.78

Again more supplements! I tried the Nordic Natural fish oil pills last month and they made me feel sick to my stomach all night. These are kid friendly, so I’m guess they will be milder. Plus, they are in jellies and not pill form. I guess worth a try!

Healthy to go Go Greens (.28 ounce): $1

I love the idea of this: getting a lot of greens in a drink serving. I’m not a fan that it’s another fruit flavored drink mix. Maybe it’ll be better than the others.

^Wow, that’s a lot of supplements, CB!


LemiShine Dishwasher Additive (2.5 ounces): $1.67

I’m excited to try this. I love home products like this in my CB. I almost always use them and it means less to buy at the store!

ACTZ Cosmetics Avocado and Shea Body Butter (Lavender Fields): SAMPLE packet

I also love to get beauty items. I wish CB would give us more beauty items and less supplements! This lotion packet looks like it’ll last a few applications, so I’m excited to give it a try. Plus, lavender is my absolute favorite scent! They also included a discount code for 50% off products on their website ( The code is Cbox4life.

The total value of August’s box was $13.98 plus 2 sample packets. I only paid $9 for this box, so I’m pleased with the value and variety of items to try. All the food stuff looks delicious, the home/beauty items are excellent, and some of the supplements are mildly appealing to me. Less tea and supplements and this box would be one of my favorites.


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