Stunner of the Month August 2013

Stunner of the Month is a new subscription box.  You pay $9/month (including shipping) and get a pair of sunglasses. You can pick either Men, Women, or Unisex for your pair. I love my first box! To try yours for free, use the code “trystunner” (all lower case). I’m definitely going to keep my subscription for another month or two to build up my sunglasses collection. Can’t beat the price and funky style! Love it!

Watch me unbox my stunners!

DSCF4930[1]I got a glasses repair tool on a key chain, too! This will definitely come in handy. I always break my sunglasses. Oops! These sunglasses are in style “Diva.”

DSCF4931[1]Another angle. Cute animal print! I love the large circle eyes on these. Very fashionable.

DSCF4932[1]Here’s me stunning with Mandela! I think these are adorable on. Can’t wait to wear them around!

I definitely recommend Stunner of the Month. It’s so fun and affordable. Get your stunners today! (


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