Woof Wag Play August 2013

We got our August Woof Wag Play box! Woof Wag Play is a relatively new subscription box. Their pricing is higher than Barkbox ($24/month for the 6 month subscription) and similar to Pawalla ($29/month if you do month to month). They send 5-8 toys, treats, and/or dog items per month and have gone more eco-friendly. They did package a box within a box, which I don’t think is very eco-friendly. I liked that the toy was made in the USA this month (instead of China!) and the treats are awesome, too. I like this box, but they don’t have a great referral program like Barkbox and Pawalla. If you refer friends, your friends don’t get any discount from what I can tell and you only get $5 off in the store. I don’t even see on their site how I’m supposed to refer friends, so that’s a bummer. With Barkbox, you get a FREE box if a friend signs up for a subscription. Such a better deal. I’ve already gotten 1 free box from them for referring someone!

*UPDATE! Woof Wag Play just launched a new referral program. Get $5 off your first box here: http://woofwagplaybox.refr.cc/K4R8Z7S

Watch me and the boys unbox!


Here’s our box! I have no clue why they put this fake grass at the bottom. Certainly not eco-friendly in my opinion!


Fido Naturals Carrot Dental Bone: $2.00

My dogs love these dental type chews. I will have to cut this in 1/2 so they can share.

Lucky Paws Pet Lover’s Pan: $5

It’s unfortunate you can only use this in the microwave. That limits the options, but the box included an idea for a frozen yogurt treat, which I might try for Mandela’s birthday tomorrow.

Squirrel Cookie: $1 (?)

There is absolutely no information about this treat. What company? What ingredients? I have no idea. I’m not a huge fan of boxes including random treats in plastic bags with no details.


Whole Life Lamb Liver Freeze Dried Treats (3.5 ounces): $10.49

I know my dogs will go crazy for these. They love meaty treats and the only ingredient in these is lamb liver!

Zuke’s Mini Natural Training Treats in Peanut Butter (6 ounces): $4.49

These are perfect for training. We have a big bag of these in the rabbit flavor and I still have tons left to give the dogs. Yum!


Planet Dog Orbee Globe: $14.95

I think this is the large size of this ball. The measurements are by diameter, which is hard to measure on this globe. Either way, the dogs are still fighting over it and Mandela hasn’t ripped it up yet. That means it’s tougher than some other toys! And it’s made in the USA. Yay!

The total value of the August 2013 box is $37.93! Pretty good value! I would like to see my September box be even more eco-friendly, really separating itself from the other dog boxes. If it stays the same, I will have to ditch it and maybe check it out again in the future. But my dogs love all the products in here and so do I! I just can’t afford more than 2 dog boxes per month and the great referral programs of Barkbox and Pawalla are keeping me subscribed with them.


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