Pawalla August 2013

LAST PAWALLA!  For some bizarre reason, Pawalla quickly went out of business and shipped off all the remaining boxes. I’m so glad I only go month to month and didn’t get shipped 8 boxes all at once! I’m sad Pawalla is gone. My dogs will miss their wet food treat each month. There are a lot of other great dog boxes out there, though! We have Barkbox through January, Woof Wag Play through October, and we may try out Pet Flow Spoiled Rotten once the treat collection starts to dwindle. Right now, we have plenty of treats to keep us occupied for a few months!

Here was the August deluxe dog box. Watch us unbox!



The treats!

Scout and Zoe’s Sweet Potato Dog Treats (2 ounces): $9.75

There’s no way I’d pay this much for these sweet potato treats! Don’t get me wrong. My dogs LOVE sweet potatoes, but they are cheap to buy and so easy to make at home yourself.

Halo Well-Being Healthsome Natural Dog Treats with Chicken & Cheese (6 ounces): $4.24

These are regular old dog biscuits; crunchy and hard. I’m sure my dogs will like them just fine as going into the crate treats. There seem to be a lot in the bag, so it’ll last us a good while.

DSCF5007[1]The toys!

Amazing Pet Products Tooth Saver Rope: $5 (?)

Mandela is chewing this up as I’m writing this. Of course, he can rip it up in a few minutes, but I guess that’s part of the fun. There are rope pieces all over my floor. Awesome. This is made in China. WHY?!

Doggles Dog Bone Plush Toy: $2 (?)

This toy is so small. It even says size Small on the tag. I’m not sure why Pawalla sent me this when I have an 80 pound dog and a 60 pound dog. I know Mandela will be all over this in about 30 seconds and then I’ll have to throw away the scraps. Oh well. It’ll be fun for him at least!



Magic Michael’s Garden Beaudacious Buubles Dog Shampoo Bar: $7.00

This smells SO GOOD! I’ll probably end up using it as hand soap at my kitchen sink rather than as a dog shampoo. My dogs don’t like baths enough to sit there while I rub a bar of soap all over their giant bodies. Plus, won’t it get all hairy? This is made of a lot of wonderful essential oils, including lavender, so I’m going to use it for me!

DSCF5009[1]The wet food!

Halo Spot’s Choice Shredded Beef & Chicken AND Pork & Chickpea recipes (13.2 ounces each): $3.59 each

Wow is this expensive wet food! I hope my dogs love it. I’m pretty sure they will.

The total value of the August 2013 box is $35.17! I paid only $23 for the box, so I’m pleased. And I’m excited that the soap product can be used for me! I’m telling you. It smells amazing. Way too amazing to use on stinky dogs that will get dirty 5 seconds after I bathe them. I’m super bummed there’s no more Pawalla, but I’m glad I got my last box. For a while there, I was worried. This box took FOREVER to ship to us.



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