Stunner of the Month September 2013

I am still loving Stunner of the Month! I’ve had 2 boxes so far (my first one free) and I’m going to keep it for another month or two to build up my sunglasses collection. I have 3 sunglasses I love right now and one backup kind of crappy pair. I’d like to have about 4 or 5 I love before I cancel SOTM. It’s an awesome box for an awesome price. And I have loved the selections so far. If you’re not picky about your sunglasses style, then this box is definitely for you! Only $9/month and that INCLUDES shipping!

Watch me unbox this month’s glasses!

DSCF5022I got the Barbies glasses, Diva Mezzanine (not sure what those levels mean…). I read Barbies on the card and thought they’d be pink. I’m so glad they aren’t! The frames are super sturdy and thick. And they are much smaller than the large round ones I got last month. I’m happy that my collection is becoming varied.

Another view:

DSCF5023Two thumbs up for stunner of the month!



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