Woof Wag Play September 2013

September’s Woof Wag Play box is here! And it’s fabulous. We love this company now. It’s gotten so much better the past few months since we first subscribed. It’s definitely in the running for a long term subscription once we get low on treats and toys at my house. To subscribe, follow my referral link and you’ll get $5 off! http://woofwagplaybox.refr.cc/K4R8Z7S

Woof Wag Play is $23-24/month if you buy a 6 month subscription. I love that they don’t automatically resubscribe you once your subscription runs out, so if you buy 6 months, they will fulfill 6 months of orders and then you can repurchase another subscription if you want. They won’t automatically charge you for it. Great feature!

Watch us unbox this month’s goodies!

DSCF5034[1]Tons of stuff this month! This box is definitely a good value.



Max & Ruffy’s Tree of Life Coconut, Molasses, and Flax (8 ounces): $7.25

My dogs have tried these before in another box and they love them! They are crunchy and perfect for going into the crate.

Cloud Star Buddy Biscuits Duck Flavor (5 ounces): $5.95

My dogs had a couple of these after I made the video and they love them. They are soft, chewy, and meaty which is perfect for training. And they are shaped like little gingerbread men. How adorable!

Wet Noses Apple & Carrot Treats (1.5 ounce sample): $.85

These are crunchy and will also be perfect for going in the crate.


West Paw Design Zisc: $15

We have one of these in orange and it’s durable, made in the USA, and my dogs go crazy over it! The perfect addition to our frisbee family.

Yellow Stick Toy: $5 (?)

There was no information about this in the box. This is one complaint I have of WWP. They keep sending like one item with no information: where it’s made, by whom, etc. I sent them a message to ask about this. Either way, Mandela loves it and he’s been chewing on it since we opened the box. It also squeaks! Jackson is also chewing on it now, and he never plays with toys. Guess it’s a winner!


Bowser Beer (12 ounces): $3.33

My dogs loved this the last time they tried it. It’s not my favorite, as it’s so short lasting and quite expensive for what you get, but Mandela used the bottle as a toy afterwards, so I guess it serves 2 purposes! Works for me.

I love the variety in this month’s box: 3 treats, 2 toys, and a fun item. Perhaps a chew would be nice, but maybe in another box! I like that we got 6 items in this box.

The total value of the September 2013 box is $37.38! I paid $25 for it, so it was definitely worth the value. And I may have been underestimating on the stick toy price since I had no information on it. I recommend WWP to anyone with pups! They really customize each box to your dog’s chewing and size needs. Loving this company this month!




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