Conscious Box September 2013

I got the September Conscious Box (classic) and was yet again disappointed. This box is turning into a box full of pills and supplements. And I’m not talking Vitamin C- I’m talking weird stuff I’ve never heard of before and would never put into my body. I live a holistic life and rarely if ever take medicine. To me, that’s the healthy and eco-friendly way. Apparently not to CB. After this box, I CANCELED and won’t be going back anytime soon. Here’s why:

DSCF5028What is that you see? Yes, mostly pills!!


All Bout Trees Sticker

This has virtually no value and is a pointless “item” in a box. I don’t want a sticker that advertises a company I don’t even patronize. And the 40% off coupon is fine, but they have like 5 items to sell and I don’t like any of them. Both of these are getting trashed.

BioBag Disposable Bag: $.13

ONE bag? Seriously? I don’t mind samples, but one bag is a bit ridiculous, especially when an entire box of them is only $5 and even less online. Really pathetic, CB.


K-Pax Energy Sample Packs (5): $5

I HATE these energy things. Injecting yourself with caffeine and a load of other stuff is not a healthy way to stay awake. Just get enough sleep each night and you won’t have a problem. I never drink caffeine and even though these are advertised as having “less”, they still have caffeine, so I won’t be taking them. I’m in a grad school program, though, so I’m sure I could give them away to people who are less health conscious than I am. No, thanks.

Herba Vita Gastro Dietary Supplement (2 pills): $1

I will keep this in my medicine closet and maybe take on a trip to use, since it’s a medicine and not a supplement. But I’m not thrilled to have yet another pill in this box.

Applied Nutrition Liquid Collagen (.335 ounce): $1.20

This is yet another thing I add to my water. I like water how it tastes. I don’t like adding stuff to it. I’ve tried so many of these drink mixes and I hate every one. I’m pretty sure this one will be no different.



Nepali Tea Traders Jasbirey Black Tea Sample: $3.33

I like that this company gives profits to Nepali children, but I don’t like tea. I’ve told CB this over and over and they claim to customize your box, but they just don’t. It’s a lie. Even if I wanted to try this, I can’t, because it’s loose leaf and I don’t have a device for steeping loose leaf tea. I’m not about to buy one. I’ll give this to someone who does.

Coastal Scents African Black Soap Sample: $.79

This was what I was most excited about in the box and according to the website, it’s fair trade. It smells disgusting, though. It’s no scent I want on my body, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it. I’ll try it as a hand soap, but the smell is just so unappealing.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Kids Goodnight Grape Herbal Tea: $.15 (2 tea bags)

Again, I don’t like tea. At least these are bags, so if I wanted to try it, I could.


Aquatowel (1 towel): $.50

I love this idea and will definitely use this on a trip. This is going into my travel bin.

BOPS chips (.8 ounce): $1.04

I got these in a Love with Food box last month and I really like these. I will definitely eat them and enjoy!

Correctiv Facial One Step Complete Skincare Facial (10 day treatment travel size): $3

This is a Canadian company and this product actually looks pretty cool. It is a small bar, but will last for a 10 day treatment. It might be good to try out on a trip, but I might not be able to wait until then! This is a great product in the box.


Mountain Red Deer Velvet Supplement (2 pills): $2

This is a New Zealand product, but I’ve never heard of deer velvet and not much research has been done on its health properties or disadvantages, so I’m staying away from this.

Natural Vitality Kids Calm (1 fl ounce): $.83

Here’s another thing you add to your water. I don’t need sleep aids and I certainly don’t want to take a bunch of stuff that I’m not sure is good for me. This has both fish oil and magnesium, both of which make me sick to my stomach if I take them in supplement form. This will not be for me.

The total value of the September 2013 box is $18.97. CB charges $19.95 a month for these boxes. I’m glad I didn’t pay that! Almost half of my box was pills and supplements I’ll NEVER use. When I get excited about maybe $5 worth of product each month, it’s not worth continuing the subscription. So, for now, goodbye Conscious Box!



3 thoughts on “Conscious Box September 2013

  1. And I agree- the concept is amazing and CB could be really successful. I keep seeing unsatisfied people on their FB page. They delete the unsatisfied comments quickly, though, so others don’t see. It’s all “gimicky” and a ploy to get your money. Not very ethical, I don’t think!

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