1% For the Planet Conscious Box September 2013

Conscious Box wrangled me in again and I bought their bonus 1% for the planet box. It was advertised at a $50+ value and I got a discount on it, so I only paid about $18 for it. It seemed like a great deal! Again, CB disappointed me. I contacted them about the low value of the box and they offered to send me some additional products. I should get those in the mail in a few days. Their customer service is excellent and they are always willing to fix your issues. But I don’t think this company is for me. I get too many pills, supplements, and caffeine in each and every box, none of which I use or even try. The coffee and tea I can give to friends/family, but I don’t feel comfortable giving pills to people. There were a few nice items in this box, but not enough to make me want to buy another bonus box that was supposedly loaded with items. It was very light in value and product. Here’s what we got:



Grounds for Change Peru Coffee (6 ounces): $5.44

These aren’t ground, so I can’t give it to my dad who loves coffee (he doesn’t have a grinder). My office mate at school has a grinder, though, and also loves coffee, so I’m going to give it to her.


People Towels Personal Towel: $6.00

This will be a great addition to my hiking/travel gear. There is a soft inside and a rougher outside. I really like this product. It’s one of the few in the box I love!

Fly Ties by Fine Featherheads (4 ties): $7.95

I’ve never tried these trendy hair ties before. I wear my hair up a lot, so I hope these hold and are strong rather than simply fashionable. The colors are nice for fall.

Elemental Herbs Sunscreen Sport SPF 33 (sample packet): $.15

This is a very small sample size. I’m not even sure I could cover my entire face. This isn’t enough of a sample to make sure it’s worth buying the full size product.

1% For the Planet Sticker

Throwaway item! I don’t have kids and I don’t put stickers anywhere, so I’ll just throw this away. I don’t think stickers should count as items!


Tonewood Maple Wafer: $2.12

I haven’t tried this yet, but it looks like a hard maple candy. I’m sure it’ll be flavorful and a nice hard candy. It’s nothing special.

Stur Water Enhancer Proudly Tea + Lemon (1.9 fl ounces): $3.99

I don’t like adding stuff to my water and I don’t like tea. I’ll definitely be passing this along to someone else.

Surf Sweets Hearts: $.38

These are delicious. The full bag is only $2. Why wouldn’t CB give us that instead of this one tiny packet that only has 6 gummies? This is another major complaint I have about CB. It seems they are always try to save themselves money at the expense of the quality of the boxes. If it’s an item you want to promote, don’t just give us the free sample the company gave you; invest in the company and give us bigger sized products!

Cliff Bar Sierra Trail Mix Bar: $1.60

I didn’t try this yet, but it sounds good! I love bars like this to grab on the run when I’m in between meals and have to wait a few hours to eat. I can’t wait to have this one.

And that’s all that was in the box. A bonus box that was supposed to be a huge value. The value of the box was $27.63. Very shy of the $50 advertised value! I’m so upset CB either sent me a fluke box or completely lied about the value of the box. I even used values straight from company websites, so it’s not like I was looking at 3rd party retailers where you could get a steep discount. I have canceled my monthly subscription and probably won’t buy another bonus box from them again. If you try out Conscious Box, good luck to you!!



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