Eco Emi September 2013

Yay another Eco Emi box! So excited. You can see how excited I am in my unboxing:

DSCF5057[1]Such a beautiful box each and every month!


Mighty Leaf Iced Tea Ginger Peach: $4.50

This is very expensive tea! I gave it to my neighbor. I hope she enjoys it!

Cool Bean Organic Peru La Florida Coffee: $2.13

I think this was 2 ounces, but I totally forget. I already gave it to my dad, so I can’t look at the bag anymore.


Purely You Minerals Ochre Lip Gloss: $2.00 (?)

This is a beautiful fall color: orange, red, bronze all rolled into one. And it smells/tastes like orange! I also love that they included an applicator.

The Natural Choice Apothecary Healing Salve: $1.63 (?)

This is made with olive oil and a bunch of other great oils. I love it! And it’s not as solid as some salves, so it goes on nice and smooth. I like this for my cuticles at night.


Nat Cheryl Organic Sweet Orange Deodorant: $1.38

This stuff smells great! I used it for a few days and it doesn’t work that great for sweating issues (I sweat A LOT), but it does keep me smelling nice throughout the day. And it is organic, which I love. I’m still on the lookout for an all natural deodorant that stops sweat!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetics Foundations: $3.38

I love that there are 3 shades and you can mix and match. I don’t usually use foundation, but this stuff is really smooth and light! I used it a few times on certain face spots and couldn’t tell that I was wearing foundation. Love!

Zola Jae Organic Mayan Riviera Honey Moisturizing Exfoliant Scrub: $2.99

This stuff is all organic, which is awesome. It’s a bit thick and def. full of sugar, so it doesn’t “spread” on the hands as well as other scrubs. But it smells great and works like a scrub should!


VitaCare Mint and Acai Gum: $1.99

I am getting more and more into natural gums, so I’m excited to try this one out. Plus, I normally like mint mixed with berry.

Desert Essence Cleansing Towellete: $.53

I’m going to throw this in my travel box to use on a plane or a long car ride. Perfect! I only wish we got more than one in the box.

The total value of the September 2013 box is $20.53! I always have to guess the amount on a lot of Eco-Emi samples, because the grams/ounces aren’t indicated on the outside, so my valuation may be off by a little or a lot. Another great box! I can’t wait to see what October brings. I hope there are some Halloween goodies inside!

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