Barkbox October 2013

In this house, we LOVE Barkbox! It’s definitely a great value for a great box. Plus, Barkbox is getting more and more conscious about sourcing everything from the US and Canada, which I love! This box was a great combination of chew-tough toys and Halloween treats! Get $5 off your subscription with my referral link:



Great Halloween box!


West Paw Designs Hurly Toy Large: $12.49

We love this company and have 2 frisbees from them. They are pretty durable and my dogs love them!

American Dog Toys Fetch & Glow Large Ball: $11.50

This is a cool concept. A ball that glows in the dark! Mandela already got his fangs on this one and punctured it, but I stole it away and put it in the park bag for a special treat for Jackson when he’s feeling better. It’s not as durable as the Chuck-it balls, so I’m not sure how long this will last in my house.


Fruitables 8 packets Halloween bag: $4.99

This bag has 8 individual packets of pumpkin flavored crunchy treats. How adorable! Each dog can have their own treat pack. Love this idea.

Etta Says Rabbit Chew: $1.35

My dogs ate this so quickly. They love Etta Says chews!


Baker’s Best Autumn Harvest Treats (4 ounces): $5 (?)

I can’t find any information about this Canadian company online, but I love the fall packaging. These are crunchy treat squares that will be great putting my dogs into their crate before I leave.

The total value of the October 2013 box is $35.43! Since I only paid $19 for this box, I’m quite pleased! The toys alone are worth more than that. It’s like getting the treats as a bonus! I am in love with Barkbox. Subscribe today!


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