Love with Food October 2013

My second Love with Food Deluxe box came in the mail! Everything looks delicious. I’m so happy I switched to the deluxe box, because I’ve been very pleased with it. If you want to subscribe, use my referral link:

The deluxe box is $19.95/month (including shipping) and the tasting box is $10/month (with $2 shipping).

Here I am unboxing with the boys!

DSCF5069Tons of goodies for this month! The box is a nice mixture of sweet and salty. Perfect for fall!


Lean Cuisine Honestly Good Entrees (2 coupons): $4.99 each

I can’t wait to try these! I don’t eat preservatives or artificial ingredients as much as possible and I’m excited to see a frozen food line that fits with my diet. I’ll have to check out the ingredients when I go to redeem my coupons, but I’m looking forward to checking these out.


Dang Toasted Coconut Chips (1.43 ounces): $2.82

These look delicious! I think they’d be great to sprinkle on top of something chocolatey.

Happy Tot Super Toddler Bar (Apple Kale and Chocolate Sunbutter): $.84 each

I’ve had the chocolate version of this bar before and it was AMAZING. The apple kale one sounds like a great flavor for October.

Glee Gum Triple Berry (5 packets): $1.16 total

Each packet has 4 pieces of gum. Perfect for throwing into my school bag or purse. And the gum is aspartame-free!


CaveMan Cookies by Caveman Bakery (4 cookies): $3.13

These look delicious! I’m happy they included 4 of them to try. These are grain and dairy free cookies.

Torie and Howard hard candies (Orange Honey and Pear Cinnamon: 5 pieces total): $.50 total (?)

These are organic hard candies. The pear cinnamon sounds really interesting. These will be good when I need a palette cleanser after a meal, but don’t want to have a full dessert.

Happy Squeeze Fruit and Veggie Twist (Blueberry Apple and Carrot): $1.52

This one looks interesting. I’ll probably eat it before a yoga class. I saw on their website that they have treat squeezes that have chocolate in them. OMG why didn’t I get one of those?!


Snikiddy Baked Fries in Cheddar (1 ounce): $.51

These are a healthy take on a really fattening, salty snack  used to eat when I was a kid. I hope they are as good as they sound!

Waffle Works Pizzelle Crisps in Chocolate (.825 ounce each): $1 each (?)

I can’t find much information about these online anywhere. I love pizzelles and grew up with my grandmother making them fresh. I hope these bring me back to my childhood!


My Super Snack Chocolate Chip Granola Bites (1.41 ounce): $2.55

These look so amazingly delicious. And they are chewy! They also have a lot of vitamins packed into each bite. Yum!

Pixo Pearls Gingras Apple Cider (40 grams): $6

This is a really bizarre product. You put the apple cider pearls on crackers or other food items and the flavor bubbles on top. I’m not a huge fan of apple cider vinegar, but I guess I’ll give these a try and see what happens. Interesting concept!

The total value of the October 2013 box is $31.85! My total includes the coupons, but even if you don’t include those incredible coupons, the total value is still over the cost I paid including shipping. What a great deal! I will definitely try everything and give it a go! I am loving this new deluxe box. Try one out in November!


One thought on “Love with Food October 2013

  1. Hi,

    Vinaigrerie Gingras, the maker of Pixo Pearls, is having a Facebook contest for a basket of products valued at approximately $75 CAD. We would love it if you would share it with your community. As an added note, sharing the contest from Facebook could garner you additional entries. Contest is open to both American and Canadian residents at least 18 years of age and ends December 1st,2013 at midnight. Thanks for reviewing our product in the last Love with Food box and Good Luck!

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