Eco Emi October 2013

Another great Eco Emi box came in October! I’m a little late posting all my boxes from last month, but at least I can now tell you how I liked most of the products. I actually used some of the adorable packaging to wrap a gift for a friend. I gave her all of the tea I’ve been collecting, because let’s face it–I’m probably not going to become a tea drinker over night like I had hoped. Eco Emi is $15/month and includes shipping. It’s by far my favorite human box. I highly recommend it.

DSCF5097There was a clear Halloween theme going on this month!

Grass Roots Organic Shaving Cream: $1.25

This container is a giant pain to get open. I think I almost broke 3 nails in the process. I haven’t tried it out in the shower yet, but it’s a very thick cream, almost bordering on a balm.

All Natural Faces Vegan Mineral Warm Honey Eye Shadow: $1.00

This is a nice brown earth tone for the fall moving into winter. It’s another one of those impossible to open containers. I don’t mind getting eye shadow samples and I actually like to try out different ones, but is there a better way to put them in a sample? Every time you open the product, a bunch of it flies out. I don’t want to keep it open, though, so I close it after every use. It’s the most annoying container ever and almost every eye shadow sample comes in it. Ugh!


Simply Organic Spicy Chili Seasoning: $1.49

I used this entire mix with a pound of turkey, beans, and diced tomatoes and it was DELICIOUS! I ate this chili for about a week at various meals and loved it. It’s a bit spicy (I’m a huge wimp), but gets less so as the tomatoes soak up the spice over the day or two after you cook it. I made it in a crockpot on low for about 6 hours. Yum!

Sun Cup Dark Chocolate Mint: $.83

I had never tried a sun cup before and it was delicious! It kind of reminded me of a peppermint patty. The dark chocolate was thick and fulfilling.

Botanical Interests Pumpkin Seeds: $1.89

I intend to toast these and have them as a snack. I don’t have anywhere I can plant and grow pumpkins. What a fun idea for fall, though! This is why I love Eco Emi. There’s always something unexpected and adorable in each box.


Fuchs Travel Toothbrush: $3.95

I put this right in my travel bin. It will be perfect on the road and can replace the old gross one I have right now. A great, practical item! Plus, apparently it’s way more green and recyclable than even the recyclable toothbrushes. Score one for the environment.

All Natural Face Vegan Caramel Brownie Eye Liner: $5.75

This is a full size product! I don’t ever wear eye liner, but this does have a nice look to it (I tried it out) and I love that it’s vegan. I wonder how vegan eye liner lasts before you have to trash it. Does anybody know?


Eco Friendly Living Dry Shampoo (.5 ounce): $2.00

This stuff is awesome! I wish it were a little darker to match my hair color, but I love the formula. It’s so simple and eco friendly and it really really works. So glad I was introduced to dry shampoo this month. It had never been on my radar before, but now it’s a staple in my bathroom!

Potion Witch Apothecary Honey Bee Lip Balm: $3.50

This stuff is very moisturizing. I love to put it on before bed. The one problem (and this happens a lot with beeswax products) is that it’s so solid, I have to really rub my finger in it to get it onto my lips. It takes a while to apply, but it’s worth it!

The total value of the October 2013 box is $21.66! That’s well over what I paid for it and I will try/use every product in the box. Another Eco Emi hit!


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