Woof Wag Play October 2013

We are loving Woof Wag Play! If you want to start a subscription and get$5 OFF, use the code SUBBOXBUG at checkout.  The grey boys and I definitely appreciate it! If you already used our link, THANK YOU! We love you.


DSCF5091October’s box had a great Halloween theme!


Distinctive Dog All Natural Love Filled Treats (12 ounces): $8.99

These are sweet potato carrot cake flavored. Well, my dogs love sweet potatoes and they love carrots. Pretty sure these will be a winner.

The Real Meat Company Beef and Oatmeal Dog Treats (4 ounces): $5.49

These are in cute gingerbread shapes. They are BIG and meaty. My dogs were drooling when I took these out to put them in the blog, so I gave them each one. Devoured in about 2.4 seconds.


Moody Pet Humunga Stache Ball: $12.05

Cute concept, but Mandela was able to chew it up in a matter of minutes. Plus, the rubber is made in China and even though it says it’s non-toxic, I don’t trust pieces of this in my dog’s stomach, so I had to take it away from him after only a day of playing with it. To be fair, he chews up almost everything in 5 minutes, no  matter the toy or company. Sigh.

QT Dog Antlerz Chew: $8.00

My dogs are in love with these antlers. We already have a couple out, so I put this one away maybe for Christmas morning. Very pleased with this item!


Barkworthies Tendons (2): $2.84 each

My dogs love stuff like this. Bully sticks, tendon, esophagus, you name it. We are a rawhide free house, so I love to see these kind of chews in dog boxes.

Earth Bath Mango Tango Grooming Wipe (1 wipe sample): $.12

This doesn’t have much value, but I like that it was really an “extra” this month. I’m excited to try this out one day when the boys are dirty and I don’t want to give them a bath (like when it’s cold out).

Canine Earth Awesome Apple Paw Balm (14g): $6.50

This stuff smells like apple. I may use it as a hand salve/balm for me, since I’m not sure the dogs really need it. It might be fun to try to put it on their paws to see what they do. I’m going to try it now…..it goes on really smoothly and doesn’t take much rubbing to get out of the container like some balms. Jackson didn’t really mind it, either. I’m not sure it’ll do anything, but it was fun to try. May just horde this for myself!

The total value of the October 2013 box was $46.83!! Wow! Woof Wag Play put out an excellent box this month. I think monthly subscriptions are only $24 if you do a 6 month commitment. What a deal! I love that we got treats, chews, a toy, AND grooming products. How amazing. Really loving this box.


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