Barkbox November 2013

Yay Barkbox came the other day! Our dog boxes keep my dogs stocked on toys, chews, and treats. I seriously never buy them “extra” stuff beyond their normal food at the store anymore. The boxes definitely keep my budget in check. I wish this month’s box had come with just one more item like a tendon or bully stick, but it was still a great box! If you’re loving Barkbox and want to try it out, use my referral link to get $5 off your subscription:

Me and the fur butts unboxing:

barkbox1The box was pretty stuffed!


Pet Safe Pogo Plush Toy(Medium/Large): $14.99

I’m intrigued by this because it has no stuffing. I know Mandela will be able to rip it up. I just have to face the facts. But I love that it won’t leave stuffing all over my floor. I’m saving this for a special rainy day or even Christmas!


Bocce’s Bakery Tuffle Mac & Cheese Treats (5 ounces): $5.94

I don’t even use truffle oil in my cooking! What spoiled rotten animals.

Yumzies by Nootie Jerky Chews Duck and Sweet Potato Treats (5 ounces): $5.80

My dogs have had Yumzies before and they love them. Plus, you can rip off strips of these large chews to make smaller portions. Love it!


Twistix Dental Treats (5.5 ounces; about 8 chews): $5.82

My dogs are in love with any dental treat. They don’t last them very long and they gobble them up, but they’re a nice big treat for when they go in the crate and it’s been a while since their last meal. Or to keep them occupied for 15 seconds when they’re bugging me.

The total value of the November 2013 box was $32.55. It by far exceeds the value of the box ($19), but it wasn’t as high as some of the past Barkboxes. One other item would have been really nice. We haven’t seen a grooming product or other like item from Barkbox in a while either. Either way, I was able to build the treat collection and will probably have the perfect gift for Mandela on Christmas.


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