Love with Food Deluxe November 2013

Just as I was running out of snacks and treats, my Love with Food box arrived! I’m loving the Deluxe box ($19.95/month). They also have a $12/month box available that’s smaller. To sign up or subscribe, use my referral link: ttps://



A lot of sweet items this month! Of course when I’m cutting back on sugar, LWF comes stocked with sweet items…. hopefully I can make these sweets last the whole month!lwf2

Green and Blacks Organic 70% Dark Chocolate Mini Bars (4): $.50 each


Mighty Leaf Tea Bags (Ginger Twist; 2 bags): $1.27 total

I don’t drink tea, but know tons of people who do, so I’ll gift this.

Arora Creations Authentic Indian Spice Blend Bhindi Masala (.5 ounce): $3.99

I love using organic spice blends, because it’s all measured and done for you. I can’t wait to try this on green beans. I hope it’s not too spicy!


Grains of Wellness Black Rice Chips (1.7 ounces): $2.49

I’m excited to try these out with cheese. They are gluten-free!

The Gilded Nut Pistachios Traditional Flavoring (2.25 ounces): $3.33

I LOVE pistachios, but I never buy them because they are so darn expensive. I’m glad I’ll be able to get my fix!


Sweet Corn Crunch Dried Snack by Sensible Foods (.42 ounce): $.93 each

These are made with non-GMO corn. YUM!

PopChips Sweet Potato (.8 ounce): $1.13 each

I’ve never tried these Popchips before. Sometimes sweet potato chips are hit or miss. I love sweet potatoes, so I hope these are a hit!


Kukuruza Tuxedo Popcorn: $2.50 (?)

I’ve had this brand before and man is it good! This is a chocolate covered popcorn. Oh heck yea!

Laura Secord Maple Fudge (1 ounce): $.63 each

I can’t wait to try this fudge. It feels really thick and rich. I love that it’s individually wrapped, so I can have a small amount at a time. I need help with portion control when it comes to sweets!


Eat Natural Apricot and Almond Bar: $1.25

These bars have a yogurt coating. I’m not a big fan of yogurt on its own, but I like it in stuff like this.

Dancing Deer Savory Shortbread Rosemary and Pink Sea Salt: $.75

Savory shortbread? I’m intrigued! These look delicious. Can’t wait to try them (there are 2 small cookies in the pack).

The total value of the November 2013 box is $23.59. LWF never has a super high value beyond what you paid (and sometimes is even less), but I love the variety and discovering brands that I never see in my local stores. Great November box! Other than the tea, I think I’ll enjoy everything in here. I have to savor it and have one treat at a time so it least lasts me the rest of the month!


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