Eco Emi November 2013

My favorite box is here! It’s very festive for the holidays and there are definitely some goodies I’m excited about in here this month. Eco Emi is $15/month including shipping and is simply precious. Christine, the founder, has been including a lot of artisans who have Etsy shops, which I love. Small business is great!

eco emi 2As always, adorable packaging this month! You can’t see, but most of the products were wrapped in a snowflake bag with snowflake confetti. I always recycle Eco Emi packaging and use it to wrap future gifts.

eco emi 1

Chamelagiri Chandra Dry Perfume: $4.00

This stuff smells like fall! It’s a powder perfume that you rub on your neck and wrists. It’s definitely appropriate for this time of the year. I wouldn’t use it in the summer.

Sparklehearts Squeaky Clean Shampoo (2 ounces): $3.25

This is animal cruelty-free shampoo with simple ingredients. I will probably use this as regular shampoo since I don’t have any trips coming up anytime soon (I’m broke!) where I’d need a travel size shampoo.

eco emi 3Graceful by Anna Headband: $9.00

This is a beautiful red flower headband. I don’t wear headbands, but I might get brave and try this out once this holiday season. If not, you could use it as a hair tie on your ponytail or even to accessorize a wrapped gift.

eco emi 5

Kitsune Tea Midnight Dark Drinking Chocolate: $2.29

I think this is only enough for one cup of hot cocoa, but it smells so rich and creamy, I’ll really enjoy it! I just need to buy some almond milk so I can get this cooking on the stove!

eco emi 6

Shea Radiance Whipped Shea Butter and Kalahari Melon Seed Oil: $2 (?)

This stuff is very thick and creamy. I think a little would go a long way. This sample should last a few times on my legs after shaving this winter. I love to get some extra moisturizer this time of year.

Tulips Apothecary Pumpkin Pout Lip Balm: $8.00

This stuff is wonderful! It has a slight orange tint to it and is very smooth. It’s not difficult to get it onto your lips like some balms that are very hard in their tins. The tin is also easy to open. I’ve been carrying this around in my purse and using it frequently since I got my box.

eco emi 4

St. Claire’s Organics Peppermints (.53 ounce): $1.19

A great little “extra” in the box for after snacks or meals.

Night Owl Paper Goods Wood Card: $4.00

This is so adorable! It’s made out of sustainable birch wood. I have to decide what I’ll use this for. Some cards are so beautiful, I don’t want to write in them!

The total value of the November 2013 box is $33.73! That’s more than twice what I paid for the box. What a great November box. I can’t wait to see what treats are in the December box!


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