Woof Wag Play November 2013

I have been so busy lately that I never got a chance to post my Woof Wag Play box for November! Here it is, folks. If you want to subscribe and get $5 off your subscription, use the code SUBBOXBUG at checkout: http://www.woofwagplay-box.com/

Here’s us unboxing!

woof1November’s box was pretty decent. Looking forward to the holiday December box!


Mutt Meatballs Mix (2 ounces): $7.99

I think I’m going to try this mix out over Christmas for the pups. You add 1 pound of ground beef and the mix makes 40 small meatball treats. You could easily freeze them I’m sure and dole them out as needed. Great idea!

DogsBar (Blueberry): $2.45

A bar for dogs! I haven’t split this in 2 yet to share between the two boys. I’m sure they will eat it in .5 seconds and not even taste it.

woof3Chloe’s Bakery Pumpkin Creme Brulee (8 ounces, which I don’t believe to be true…seems smaller to me!): $8.50

These are kind of soft and kind of crunchy all at once. My dogs have already eaten half the bag and love these.

Fruitables Pumpkin and Cranberry Flavor (7 ounces): $3.99

We’ve tried these fruitables before. They are in a cute star-like shape and super crunchy. They are a good size for giving a couple at a time.


Petmate Planet Wag Bone:$15.00

This is adorable and “feels” very durable. Nope. Mandela ripped the stuffing out of this so fast, I had to take it away from him. And then vacuum my floor for a long time. Sigh. It’s so hard to find indestructible toys for 1 year old puppy chewers. I do like that this was made from recyclable materials in the USA (I think I’m remembering that correctly.)

woof5 woof6Mandela loved it for the short time I let him have it! Its stuffing is mostly out and it’s hidden away in the cabinet for now. He just kept getting pieces of it EVERYWHERE. But he carried it around and was in love with it.

The total value of the November 2013 box was $37.93! I would have liked one more item like a chew or something, but I was pretty pleased with this box. Subscribe today to check out Woof Wag Play!




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