Barkbox December 2013

The boys’ Barkbox came a few weeks ago. One item became a loved Christmas gift! If you’d like to get $10 (or $5 after December 31st) off your first subscription, use my referral code: Thank you!

barkbox4The box wasn’t as holiday themed as I had thought it’d be, but still a great box!


Barkworthies Junior Bully Stick (12 inches): $5.25

This bully stick is pretty large! My dad also got the pups 2 huge bully sticks for Christmas, so they are good to go on bully sticks for a while! My dogs LOVE bully sticks and they keep them occupied and satisfied on rainy days when we can’t make it to the park.

Licks Liquid Vitamins Zen (2 packets): $4.70

I used to use these calming things when Jackson was younger and they NEVER worked (not this particular brand). I’ll give these a go at some point. At the very least, they have roasted chicken in them, so my dogs will love the flavor.

barkbox5Hare of the Dog Rabbit Recipe Treats (3.75 ounces): $6.49

There aren’t that many treats in here, so the pups will go through these fast, but they go crazy over rabbit flavored anything, so I know they’ll be a hit! Look at that cute dog nose!

Planet Dog Eats Chicken & Pumpkin Pot Pie (4 ounces): $3.32

Again another small treat bag. I was hoping for a larger bag this month to tide the pups over until January, but we have a pretty well stocked treat bin, so I think they’ll be OK. I’m down to just Barkbox (no more Woof Wag Play unless I get a referral bonus), so it has to last us the entire month now!


Pet Safe Busy Buddy Chuckle (Medium/Large): $14

I gave this to Mandela for Christmas and once I put treats in the sides, Jackson played with it for a long time! They both love it AND it hasn’t been ripped to shreds yet because the rubber is so thick and durable. Score! It also makes an interesting squeaking noise when you shake it a certain way.

The total value for the December 2013 box is $33.76! As always, Barkbox sent high quality treats and toys at a value higher than what I paid for it ($19/month if you do a 6 month subscription). I’m always pleased with Barkbox and HIGHLY recommend it as a monthly treat box for your dogs. You really can’t get out of a pet store or the pet aisle in a big box store for under $19, plus that includes tax and shipping. Seriously a great deal. And some of the profits benefit shelters and other animal-friendly places.




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