Woof Wag Play December 2013

This is our last month of Woof Wag Play. So sad! I can’t right at this moment afford another subscription and we have plenty of treats stored up. If you’re interested in trying out Woof Wag Play, use my code SUBBOXBUG to get $5 OFF your subscription! Plus, my dogs will get a free box (they have a great referral program that you can benefit from, too!). You can subscribe here: http://www.woofwagplay-box.com/

wwp1I love that this month’s box had 3 full size treat bags/boxes!


Barkworthies Beef Trachea (2 6″ tracheas): $4.62

My dogs have had this type of treat before (rawhide-free) and love it. These will be great for a rainy day! I think WWP has included 2 chews before in boxes and I really appreciate that since I have 2 dogs.


Good Karma by Jax and Bones Candy Cane Rope Toy: $10.50

This is listed as for “moderate tuggers” and Mandela is an aggressive tugger, so I know this will be ripped up in about 5 minutes. I’m waiting to give it to him for a day when he’s really bored and driving me nuts. WWP knows I have aggressive chewers, so I wish the toy had been more durable this month. This feels like a throwaway to me. It is made by a great USA company, though, which I’m a fan of.


Tumbleweed & Eddie’s Festive Feast Treats (4 ounces): $5.30

We’ve had treats from this company before (I think lobster ones) and they were a HUGE hit! I may even have chosen them for a star one month. I love that this company is USA based and sources all USA ingredients.

Buddy’s Kitchen Off Leash Fire Grilled Chicken Treats (5.29 ounces): $6

These are small and soft treats- perfect for training! This is a Canadian company based in  Ontario. These will be perfect for getting my dogs to focus and listen whether at home or at the park. Love bags of small treats! They last so long.

wwp5Sojos Bacon Cheddar Treats (10 ounces): $6.49

Another high quality dog treat with great ingredients (rye flour, oat bran, bacon, cheddar cheese, canola oil, and eggs)! These are “made from scratch in Minnesota.” We had never tried this brand before, but I just gave each woof 2 since they were eyeing them as I sit here writing this blog, and they gobbled them down.

The total value of the December 2013 box is $32.91! WWP is a great value. I wish they’d bring back their discounted 6 month subscription. I’d definitely consider getting it then once I have some money for it. Check them out…they are a great alternative or in addition to Barkbox!



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