Love with Food December 2013

LWF Deluxe is a really awesome box. I love that there is a variety of sweet/salty snacks and most of them are single serve. I use these to “grab and go” when I need something along with fruit or a veggie. I don’t see canceling my subscription any time soon. Plus, LWF donates money to food banks which is also awesome. Please use my referral link to subscribe:

Here’s our December unboxing:

lwf1So many great goodies for December! I really wish LWF would include prices on their information cards. It’s so tedious to look up all these products!


Love With Food Reusable Shopping Bag: $2 (?)

This was a really nice holiday addition! I use these things all the time so I was happy to add another one to my collection.

$35 Hello Fresh Gift Card

I probably won’t use this, as I’d still have to spend $35 on my first box (and then cancel), but if you’d like to have the code, post your email in the comments section and I’ll email you it!


Oogies Sun-Dried Tomato & Parmesan Popcorn (2 1 ounce bags): $.62 each

I usually  make my own popcorn at home with coconut oil, but I’m excited to try this interesting sounding flavor.

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips (2 1 ounce bags): $.57 each

I really enjoy Food Should Taste Good chips and haven’t yet tried the sweet potato ones out. Excited to give them a go!


Maddy Melts Marshmallow Beverage Toppers (2): $1 each

I tried these with hot chocolate and they were delicious! Not to sweet at all and definitely not sugary like the store bought marshmallows. They were a bit larger than my mug, so I spilled hot chocolate everywhere, but still yummy.

Les Confitures a L’Ancienne Hot Chocolate Packets (2): $.83 each

This hot chocolate was decent. Nothing too special, but definitely tasty. I like that it’s imported from France. That’s kind of cool!


Sorry the picture is sideways!

Betty Lou’s Angell Organic Candy Bars (1 dark chocolate, 1 white chocolate): $2 each

These were both amazingly delicious. Organic candy bars? Uh, yes!

Donsuemor Chocolate Dipped Madelines (2): $.65 each 

These were so good. The texture was soft and moist. Perfect!

lwf5Sorry again for the upside down photo! I forgot to turn them right side up when I saved them. Oops!

Dip’n Pepper and Artichoke Bruschetta (2 small packets): $2.37 each

I like the idea of these, but I think because I don’t like artichoke, I did not enjoy the flavor of this at all. I tried it with crackers and cheese and I couldn’t get past that flavor. I’d love to try this in a traditional bruschetta topping (tomato, balsamic, basil) instead.

34 Degrees Natural Crisps (2 .22 ounce packs): $.15 each

These are the SMALLEST packs I’v ever seen. Seriously I think there are like 3 crackers in each one. I wish these samples had been bigger. I’ve seen this brand in stores and never tried it.  I’m excited to see if I like them before buying a whole box.


St Claire’s Organics Peppermints (2 packets): $1.19 each

I had gotten a pack of these in an Eco Emi box last month, so I gave these away as stocking stufferse.

Desert Gardens Spinach Dip Mix: $3.24

I don’t like spinach dip, so I gave this away, too!

lwf8Grey Ghost Bakery Mollasses Spice Cookies (2 cookies): $2.00

These were moist and chewy and oh so good! I’m pretty sure I ate them 5 seconds after my box came. I wish there had been another packet of them!

Lindt Excellence 70% Chocolate Mini Bars (2): $.40 each

I love 70% dark chocolate and I buy Lindt quite often, so I was really happy to see this in the box!

The total value of the December 2013 box is $26.80! And that doesn’t include the Hello Fresh card. That definitely exceeds the cost ($19.95, including shipping). Again I’m pleased with LWF Deluxe!



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