Barkbox January 2014

Woof Woof! Barkbox arrived a little while back. To get $5 off your subscription, use my referral link, please:

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Here’s what the woofs got this month…

barkboxboxNot as chock full as the box is sometimes, but still a great January box!


Wigzi Stuff N Throw Ball: $9.99

Mandela loves this. Wigzi stuff always smells like vanilla…kind of a nice touch! Mandela has ripped off pieces of this, but it’s still in pretty good shape after a week of play. The treats, however, though tasty, don’t fit in the ball without falling out easily! This isn’t a toy that works as advertised.

Wigzi Stuff N Throw Treats: $5.99

My dogs enjoy these, but they fall right out of the ball. They just work as big, crunchy treats rather than in tandem with the ball. Not a big loss!


Think! Dog Natural Louisiana Alligator Jerky (6 ounces): $8.74

My dogs LOVE these things. They are in small, adorable paw shapes. They do make my hands smell, though, so I have to wash them afterwards.

Grandma Bowser’s Country Oven Biscuits (Peanut Butter; 6 ounces): $4.41

These are crunchy peanut butter treats. The bag is small, but there are a good number of treats to get the pups in the crate before I leave for work.

The total value of the January 2014 Barkbox is $29.13. Not as high of a value as some of their other months, but for $19/month with the 6 month subscription, you can’t beat it! I will stay a Barkbox subscriber for a very long time.


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