Love with Food January 2014

Yum-0, here we go! Please use my referral link to subscribe:  Thank you!

lwfboxThe box wasn’t as crammed full as it has been in the past, but there was still a great selection of goodies!


Home Free Chocolate Chip Cookies (Gluten Free; 3 packs): $1.49 each

I’ve had this brand before and it’s AMAZING. I don’t even care that these are gluten free. I love them.


Lovely Candy Company Super Fruit Chews: $1.20

This package had a little over one serving of these chews (although the label said it had 4 servings…it was super confusing). These were OK, but not my favorite. They are healthier versions of Starbursts, but when I opened them, I was hoping for more of a fruit snack.

Hi I’m Skinny Minis Sticks (Multi-Grain Sea Salt): $1

These were pretty tasty, but I’m not a fan of the brand name at all. I don’t think aspiring to be “skinny” is very healthy. I wouldn’t buy this brand, because that turned me off.


Jer’s Squares (2 in Original and 2 in Pretzo Change-O): $.90 each

OMG these are so delicious. They were gone very fast after I opened my box. Salty and sweet and chocolatey.

lwf5Cafe Borsa Hand Drip Coffee (single serving): $1

I don’t drink coffee, so I’ll be giving this to someone else.

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie: $2.25

I’m slightly afraid of this monster because it has coffee in it and I don’t drink caffeine. It is a cool idea, though, and I’ll probably try it out- not all at once! It’s HUGE.


Annie’s Berry Berry Organic Bar: $.70

I love Annie’s stuff and haven’t ever tried their bars, so I’m going to have this with some fruit as a snack one day in between classes.

Blue Diamond Almonds (2 single serving packs): $.50 each

I love almonds and buy Blue Diamond quite often, so these will be another great snack with fruit one day. I LOVE that LWF always gives single serving sizes, but that the Deluxe box comes with 2 or more so you can have them a couple times.


Dang Toasted Coconut Chips (1.43 ounces): $3

We had gotten these in a previous box and this was a replacement for an item they couldn’t get to us in time. I don’t love these, but they are tasty. I still haven’t finished the other package, so it’ll be a while before I get to this one!

Oskri Orange Bar (2): $.85 each

I’m slightly afraid of these bars because I’m really picky about what dried fruits I like, but I’m willing to give these a try!

Oskri Dried Cranberries: $1

I do enjoy dried cranberries on salads and in muffins, so I’ll definitely get use out of these!

The total value of the January 2014 LWF box is $20.92. It’s slightly over the cost of the box and that includes shipping!  I love the variety in LWF. I also love that they donate meals to food banks. Great box!




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