Barkbox February 2014 + $5 coupon

Woof woof! February Barkbox is another great box by this company. If you’d like to get $5 off your first subscription of Barkbox, please use my referral link: Thank you if you do!

So here we are unboxing this month:

And here’s a look at our box:

barkbox1The boys are sniffing everything in there!


Max & Ruffy’s Strawberry & Carob Treats (5 ounces): $5.25

I just gave the pups one of these each (they are crunchy round treats- pretty good size) and they gobbled them up, so I guess they are a winner! I love that Barkbox always includes unique flavors. I have never seen a strawberry treat before!

Baker’s Best by Feel Good Treat Company Wild Pacific Salmon Treats (4 ounces): $5.99

These are a Canadian treat. I haven’t opened this one yet (saving for later), but my dogs have enjoyed “fishy” treats before, so I’m sure they’ll dig these. They are crunchy squares. The only thing I’m worried about is the smell!

barkbox3Cheese Please! All Natural Cheese Treats (1.7 ounce): $4.79

OMG these are SO GOOD. Yes, I have eaten a bunch of them. It says on the back they are also for humans! And the only ingredient is cheese. My dogs love these, too. This little bag has 75 treats! I’ve doled these out quite a bit and still have a bunch left, so don’t be fooled by the size of the package and the price.


Heartland Premium Angus tendons (2): $6 

These look like a great alternative to bully sticks! My dogs love hard chewy stuff like this. I mean, they usually chew through them in a matter of minutes (they are super destructive, tough chewers), but these are perfect for a rainy day when we can’t get outside.


Harry Barker Rope Toy: $10

Mandela loves ropes. The problem is that he tears them up so quickly and then I have to spend 20 minutes vacuuming up his mess. And this is made in China even thought the company is a USA one. WHY do so many dog toys have to be made in China? I really don’t like supporting companies that outsource stuff like this. BUT- I know he’ll love it and it’s a very cute design and seems durable enough to at least last a few days around here.

The total value of the February Barkbox is $32.03. Again, another high valued Barkbox! Even if you get the month to month ($29) instead of the 6 month ($19), you are STILL saving money (and that includes shipping). This is the only dog box we get because it’s our favorite. I definitely recommend it!


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