Eco Emi February 2014

Here’s what I got in my February Eco Emi box! Check out Eco Emi here:


The theme this month was Mardi Gras in terms of the packaging colors. The theme of the products was winter dryness and getting you through the rest of winter.


Goodlight Natural Candles (6): $2.49

I have an essential oil warmer and have used one of these already in it. These are free of all junk that is sometimes in candles and are unscented tea candles. Great addition to the box! This is the second month in a row with a candle product, which I’m totally digging.


Premier Organics Chocolate Vanilla Paste: $1.35

I haven’t tried this little pouch yet (it’s like Nutela from what I can tell), but I picked up some strawberries at the store the other day and I think I might use this on top of those.

Wild Garden All Natural Hummus: $.86

I’m not a hummus fan, so I’ll be giving this away to a friend. I like that Eco Emi included a couple food items this month, though. They always mix up the items which is refreshing.


Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Lip Balm: $5

This is VERY moisturizing. It’s actually called a “lip conditioner,” and I can see why. It has a wintermint scent.


Blissoma Lavish Face Mask: $4.25

I love trying face masks or one time use facial items. This seems like a single use amount. It’s supposed to restore your skin and help with fine lines.


Aubrey Organics Organic Hairspray: $1.99

I never use hairspray except on rare occasions (like going to a wedding), but I’ll keep this around in my cabinet just in case an opportunity arises to use it. I like the idea of organic hairspray!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyelash Conditioner (sample tube): $1.50

I forgot to take a picture of this little tube, but you can see it in my video above. This stuff works great during the day to lengthen and accent eyelashes without pesky mascara (which I hardly ever wear).

The total value of the February 2014 box was $17.44. This wasn’t the highest Eco Emi value ever, but I enjoyed the variety of products. Not as big of a hit as January, but still a great box. I love Eco Emi!


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