Naturebox March 2014 + 50% OFF your first box!

I got my first Naturebox and I am in love with all of my snacks! They are so unbelievably fresh and delicious! If you want to get your first box for only $9.95, use my referral link:   (You might also have to use the code SHARE10 for the discount!)

Here’s me unboxing and tasting each snack!

A little bit about Naturebox:

The box I get (5 full size bags) is $19.95/month which includes shipping. You can also add snacks for $3 (for the first 2), $2 (for the second 2) and $1 (for the 5th add-on) if you want more than 5 snacks. They also offer a 10 bag box for $29.95 and a 20 bag box for $49.95.

Here was my March box:



These are nut squares with pistachios, cashews, and almonds. They have a light sugar syrup on the outside, but the sugar content (5g per serving) is still pretty low on these guys. They are crunchy, nutty, sweet, and delicious! A great boost when you’re feeling a pang, but it’s close to meal time.


OMG these are so good!! These aren’t powder coated almonds like I thought they might be. They are actually dark chocolate covered, though not in any way I’ve seen. Sometimes I get these at my grocery store, but the Naturebox ones are way lighter and tastier. This will definitely be a repeat in future boxes! The serving size is about 20 almonds, but I’m good to go with about 6. I mean, I could eat the entire bag at once, but I’m satisfied with just 1/2 a serving or less.


My only complaint is that you only get 4 cookies in a bag. I need like 10. I ate one of these after dinner last night and it was the perfect small dessert: blueberries, raisins, chocolate (!!), and oats in a dense but moist cookie. I already put the peanut butter nom noms in my box for next month. Loving this product!


These (5 of them) come individually wrapped and they are so easy to grab and go. They are equivalent to about 2 fig newtons in each bar. The inside is moist and very fragrant of raspberry. These are so fresh it seems like they were made yesterday.


I had this for breakfast with some almond milk and I want to eat the entire bag! There aren’t as many dried berries as I’d like inside, but you still get the flavor when you mix it all with milk. I am loving Naturebox’s granola and sometimes granola can be a major miss with me.

As you can tell, every single item in this box was simply delicious. I’ve already added an “add-on” for my next box since I will probably eat all of these snacks before I get my next box. But I also get Love with Food and Graze to tide me over! I HIGHLY recommend this company. They also have excellent customer service and will credit your account if a product isn’t right or up to your standards. Try your first box for just $9.95 today!   (You might also have to use the code SHARE10 for the discount!)


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