Graze Box #1 May 2014 + FREE first box!

I get so excited when my little Graze box comes in the mail every other week! It’s such a fun box concept and at just $6/box, it’s quite affordable. Getting these snack boxes has almost completely eliminated my desire and need to buy snack/junk foods in the grocery store and has been saving me money. If you want to get your first Graze box for free (AND 5th box if you stick with the subscription), use my referral link:

Here’s a look at my unboxing:

graze 1







First look at my box!

graze 2







Bonnie Wee Oatbakes

This snack has cheese and chive oat crackers with an onion marmalade. You can see what I mean about Graze’s unique flavor combinations! I’m excited to try this. Generally, I’ve been pleased with their dippers selection and they are so fun to eat!

graze 3







Natural Vanilla Seeds

I’ve never tried vanilla flavored seeds (pumpkin and sunflower) before, so I’m looking forward to these. I’ll probably use these on salads this week rather than eating them plain.

graze 4







Pear Tatin

I LOVE Graze’s snack mixes like this. This one has dried pear (not too sure about that part…), yogurt coated sunflower seeds, raspberry infused cranberries, and almonds. Sounds delish!

graze 5







Smoky BBQ Corn

This mix has giant corn nuts and smoky cashews. I’m pretty sure I’ll love this when I’m seeking a salty treat!

Last month, I loved every item in my Graze box. My favorite was probably the new popcorn packets they now have. It filled up an entire bowl and then I still had a handful left in the bag. The serving/portion sizes are really great, and sometimes I can even get 2 servings out of some of their snack mixes. Check out Graze for yourself and start snacking!


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