Graze Box #2 May 2014 + FREE first box!

My 2nd Graze Box for May is here! I wonder if I’ll now get a 3rd box in May since there are still 2 weeks left in the month. I guess we’ll see! This box included 1 TRY, 1 LOVE that I hadn’t tried yet, 1 LOVE that I had already tried, and 1 LIKE that I had already tried. Graze seems to send a good combination of your preferences, though I would like to see more products that I’ve never tried before since there are still so many new to me snacks. If you want to try out your first Graze Box for FREE, use this link:  You’ll get your first AND fifth box free if you stick with the subscription. Each box is $6 which includes shipping!

Here’s my unboxing:

First look at my box:

graze1 graze2







My snacks!








Banana Caramel Dippers

I’ve had these before and LOVE them! Moist and buttery shortbread with caramel sauce. Yum!








Olive Rosemary Bruschetta

I’ve also had this savory snack mix before. My favorite part are the tomato baguettes. The olive croutons are alright, but I’m not a huge fan of olives or olive flavor.








Garden of England

This is one of Graze’s dried fruit mixes. It has strawberries (my favorite dried fruit!!), apples, and black currants (which I’ve never tried before). This seems like a great alternative to a chocolate dessert, which I sometimes have a hard time saying no to.








Honey Comb Flapjacks

Graze’s flapjacks (like granola bars) are moist and chewy. So fresh! This one has a honey flavor with chocolate melted on top. It’s been really hot here, so the chocolate melted, but the flapjacks still seem in good enough shape. I loved the berry flapjacks I got a few boxes ago and I hope I love these, too!




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