Nibblr Box #1 May 2014 + FREE first box!

My newest snack subscription obsession is here: Nibblr box! Nibblr is very similar to Graze (4 single serving snacks every week, every other week, or every month at $5.99/box). Now I’ll be getting a snack box every week! Everything so far is DELICIOUS in this box. I’m excited about this new box! To get your FREE first box, visit and use the code 5430 at checkout.


First look:

nibblr 2nibblr1







Nibblr is a small, slim box that fits right in your mailbox, so no worrying about packages left at your door!

The snacks!








Fruit Fusion

This combination has apricots, orange fruit pieces, and dried peaches. It was SO GOOD and I already ate all of this one. Sorry about the quality of the pictures! It looked much clearer when I was taking them….








Queen Bee

This mix has cashews, orange fruit pieces, and dried mango. This was also really tasty and a nice combination of fruit and nuts.








Cheesy Crostini

Yum! Crunchy and really cheesy (asiago and parmesan) cheese crackers. Perfect on their own or on a salad as a crouton.








Salt and Pepper Cashews

These are a bit too peppery for my tastes so I’ll put them in my “no thanks” pile (you can rate the snacks just like with Graze so Nibblr only sends you what you’re interested in trying). I’ll probably use them on salads to tone down the flavor.

I highly recommend this box from what I’ve seen so far! I really can’t wait to get my next box in the mail. Enjoy if you try out your first box for FREE!



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