Graze Box June 2014 + FREE first box!



I really can’t keep track of all these Graze boxes I’ve been getting, so I’ll just share one per month! If you want to get a free Graze box, click here!IMAG0934Graze has consistently been sending items I’ve already tried before and liked. That’s fine, though I’d like to try some more of their 90+ snacks!


Triple Berry Smoothie

I had already gotten this one in a previous box. I really enjoy it and the dried strawberries in it are to die for.


Apple Cinnamon Flapjacks

I hadn’t tried this kind of flapjack yet and oh my is it delicious! It literally tastes like an apple pie crumble dessert. So good.


Smoky Chipotle Dip

This one was pretty good. Nothing super special about it, but I enjoyed it as a snack.


Nature Energy Nuts

This blend was a bit dry and bland for my tastes, but I ate it while waiting at the doctor’s office forever one morning and gobbled it all down. I wouldn’t really want to see it again in a box, though.



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