Naturebox July 2014 +$10 OFF subscription!

I was so excited that my Naturebox took almost a week less to ship to me this month! I hope that means they have perfected their shipping process and have made it much faster. I subscribe to the 5 bag/month snack box ($19.95) and usually add a few extra bags at $3/bag. This month I just got 2 add-on bags because I got so many last month. If you’d like to try out your first box for just $9.95, click here and use the code CJPE-60J at checkout to receive the discount.

Here’s me unboxing and tasting the new to me snacks!

This month’s box:



Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix

This is a really nice mix. It has a nice blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate melted in this one, so NB credited me $4 for the bag. They have great customer service!


Sweet Blueberry Almonds

These are a nice alternative to my favorite dark cocoa almonds which don’t ship in the summer because of the melting factor. They have a light dusting of powder that has a mild, sweet blueberry taste. I’m going on a yoga retreat in a week and think I’m going to take these along with me!


Big Island Pineapple

This is the 3rd time I’ve gotten this dried pineapple. I LOVE it! My only complaint: I wish there was more in each bag!


Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars

I love all the flavors of NB’s figgy bars. They come individually wrapped so that you don’t overeat. Moist, soft, great fruity filling. A winner in my house!


Antioxidant Boost

The dark chocolate stars in this also melted (so I got another $4 credit on my account), but I LOVE this snack mix. The dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, and cherries) is so darn tasty in here. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and salty with the nuts. I’m definitely going to get this one again when it comes back into season (they’ve taken it off the list now because of so many complaints of it melting). I already ate the entire bag!


Dark Cocoa Nom Noms

These are a new nom nom flavor and I LOVE them! You have to really like a rich cocoa flavor to enjoy these. They are moister than the other nom nom flavors I’ve purchased. They are quite low in sugar, too, (for a sweet snack) and are a great after dinner dessert.


Acai Berry Crunch

This is probably my favorite NB granola. It’s light and fluffy and the dried berries give it a nice tang. Perfect with some almond milk!

I love that you can choose all of your snacks in Naturebox, so you really get your money’s worth and aren’t stuck with a selection that isn’t appealing to you. I highly recommend it as a subscription box!


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