Nibblr Box August 2014 + free box

I’m about halfway through my Nibblr Box subscription that I bought on Living Social a while back. I’ve really been enjoying the variety! You can check out Nibblr for free for your first box. Use the code 5430 at checkout. 

Cost: $5.99 per box (or slightly cheaper if you order more than 1 at a time)

Frequency: every week, every other week, or every month (your choice)

Contents: 4 single serving snack packs that are low calorie and healthy

Rewards Program: No


My four snacks this month: 

Herby Chicks

These are herb flavored crunchy chick peas and they are awesome. I love them by themselves as a healthy snack or on a salad for some crunch and protein.


This snack mix is a sweet treat. It has chocolate cookies, coffee toffee brittle, shortbread cookies, and almond slivers. It is AMAZING. I definitely rated this high so that it’ll appear in another box soon. The perfect after dinner bite.

The Full Monterey

This is just crispy monterey jack cheese. I had this on a salad and it added crunch and cheese flavor. Love this one!

Punched Up Pistachios

These are pretty mildly coated pistachios (in salt and pepper). I love anything pistachio, so I really enjoy these!



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