Posh Pet Box September 2014 (new box!) + $10 off subscription and special treat

The owner of the new dog subscription box Posh Pet Box kindly sent me the September box for review. If you’d like to get $10 off your first subscription, use the code POSHWEIM250 at http://poshpetbox.com/. You’ll also receive a special product/treat from the company! This discount is good for the first 20 of my readers and then the code will get you $5 off your box.

Cost: around $30, but it depends on the box you choose and the items you choose for your box (this box is very customizable)

Frequency: every month

Contents: a number of dog beauty (harnesses, leashes, collars, clothes, etc.), treats, toys, and/or hygiene products

Rewards Program: No

posh pet 1The box came nicely packaged with tissue paper, a large explanation guide, and potentially leakable contents wrapped in plastic. Great first impression!

posh pet 7The card had retail values and explanations of what each product was.

posh pet 2PetLou Plush Leopard: $9.39

My younger dog Mandela really enjoyed this stuffed leopard and it actually lasted a few days in my house!

posh pet 3Whole Life Pure Beef Liver Treats: $5.99

These are a big hit in my house! I use beefy high value treats for grooming and it works like a charm every time.

posh pet 5Smooches by The Honest Kitchen Treats: $7.99

My dogs have been enjoying these crunchy heart-shaped treats for when they go in their crate when I leave the house. We go the chicken & cranberry flavor and my dogs seem to like them a lot. This is also a pretty big box and will last us a while.

posh pet 4Jutey Knotted Rope: $7.99

This was another hit in my house. My dogs love to play tug with ropes. This one actually lasted a bit longer than other ropes we’ve had before, so I was happy about that! Plus all the materials are natural in this rope. Another plus!

posh pet 6Earthbath Grooming Foam: $10.99

I haven’t tried this out yet since it’s still warm enough to bathe my dogs outside, but I love this idea! I always struggle with how to bathe 2 giant dogs in the winter when I can’t get them out under the hose outside. Using the bathtub never turns out well either. I love that they included a useful grooming product like this in the box.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. I felt like maybe a chew or something would have been a nice addition (and they do offer them as an option on their website), but there was a really nice mix of toys, treats, and a grooming product. I would definitely consider subscribing to this box if it was in my budget and we needed another dog box. Take advantage of the discount and special offer today!


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