Graze Box December 2014 + FREE box

I now get Graze weekly, but just wanted to share one of my December boxes with you. They keep adding snacks and they are so yummy! You can get your first Graze box for free here with the code XLM4YV91P.

Cost: $6.99 per box (they just changed their prices)

Frequency: every week, every other week, or every month (your choice)

Contents: 4 single serving snack packs that are low calorie and healthy

Rewards Program: Yes

First look:

graze3Graze did a holiday theme with their boxes this month! Sorry about the sideways photo….

Inside my box:


Cranberries are on the inside! How festive. My snacks:

Billionaire’s Shortbread

This was pretty good, though it didn’t remind me at all of shortbread. There was no cookie like part of it. Instead, there were milk chocolate buttons, almonds, cranberries, and fudge.

Cheese and Chive Oatbakes

These are SO DELICIOUS! The crackers are a soft but still crunchy (yea I don’t know how they do it) cracker and the onion marmalade is sweet and so dang good. Love this one. I’ve gotten it multiple times before.

Raspberry Coconut Muffin

I’ve also had this one before and it’s pretty good. It has coconut pieces, sponge cookie pieces, and cranberries that taste like raspberry.

Summer Berry Flapjack

I love Graze’s flapjacks! These have plump berries in every bar (you get 3 small bars in the packet) and are moist, chewy, and buttery. So good for an in between snack/meal.


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