Love with Food July 2015 + 40% off your first box

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I received the July 2015 Love with Food Surfin’ USA deluxe box. I pay for the 12 month subscription. This box is $19.95/month or $16.50/month if you sign up for an annual subscription. Click here to get 40% off your first box! Love with Food ships DHL/USPS and arrived to me in 5 days.

First look at July's box!

First look at July’s box!

One Potato Two Potato – Kettle Potato Chips in Hawaiin BBQ (2 ounces) – $1.48 per bag


One Potato Two Potato BBQ Chips

These chips are kettle cooked and made with non-GMO ingredients. I am probably the most excited about these in my box this month!

Fruitival – Banana Chips (1.76 ounces) – $2 (?)


Fruitival Banana Chips

These banana chips are a product of Thailand (I guess we don’t really produce bananas in the United States) and are all natural, trans fat free, and preservative free. These are by far the best banana chips I’ve ever eaten! I don’t usually like banana chips that much, but these are thin and crispy with the right mix of sweet and salty. I love these.

SunRype – Wildberry Fruit Strip – $.33 (bottom of photo)

This strip has a peel and eat design and is gluten free. Since these are so inexpensive, I wish our box would have included at least 2. I mean, is that too much to ask? I love me some fruit strips.


Biscotti di Suzy (top) and SunRype Fruit Strip (bottom)

Biscotti di Suzy – Lemon Almond flavor – $1 (?) per biscotti (top of photo)

My grandmother used to make homemade biscotti, so I’m excited to take a trip down memory lane with these lemony cookies. These biscotti were buttery and had a nice lemon flavor. They tasted fresh, too. Definite win.

Tasty – Organic Fruit Snacks in Wild Berry and Mixed Fruit (.8 ounces) – $.96 per bag


Tasty Organic Fruit Snacks

I am loving all the fruity stuff in this box. It fits well with the theme and also fits well into my tummy. I tried the mixed fruit and I appreciated the number of fruit snacks in the bag (some bags are really skimpy). They were soft and very gummy almost like gummy candies. They weren’t my all time favorite fruit snacks, but I ate them all and enjoyed them for sure.

Bear Naked – Coconut Almond Curry Granola (1.2 ounces) – $1.10 per bag


Bear Naked Granola

I’ve seen curry in other granolas lately. I’m not sure how well I’ll like this, but I’m certainly willing to try!

Sea’s Gift – Roasted Seaweed Snack in Sweet n’ Salty (.17 ounce) – $.66

This seaweed is organic and non-GMO. Seaweed has been a miss with me in the past, but I’m willing to give this one a try especially because I’m intrigued by the flavor.

Sea's Gift Seaweed (left) and Bare Coconut Chips (right)

Sea’s Gift Seaweed (left) and Bare Coconut Chips (right)

Bare – Simply Toasted Crunchy Coconut Chips (.35 ounce) – $.73

These coconut chips are all natural, gluten free, non-GMO, and trans fat free. I enjoy coconut and might try these on frozen yogurt or gelato.

Glee Gum – Gum Pops in Juicy Orange – $.46 each


Glee Gum Pops

I’m excited to try an all natural gum pop. I can’t remember the last time I had one of these since I try to stay away from foods with “unnatural” ingredients.

True Citrus – Crystallized Fruit Packets in Grapefruit, Lime, Lemon, and Orange (2 of each) – $.12 each packet


True Citrus Crystallized Fruit

I will probably use these for baking and cooking since I don’t flavor my water or tea. Neat idea. The only ingredients are crystallized fruit. Each packet is one wedge of fruit.




A coupon to a free lean cuisine meal was included ($3.99 value), but I don’t count coupons in box values because probably 75% of the time I can’t find the stuff in stores near me and it’s not an actual item. Glee Gum sent a 15% off code (LOVEGLEE715) and True Citrus sent a 30% off code (TRUELOVEWITHFOOD30).

See my YouTube unboxing HERE!

The total value of this month’s box was $14.68 (including some prices I had to guess because I couldn’t find actual values). This box had a pretty low value and I’m actually kind of disappointed that Love with Food only included 15 products when the deluxe box is supposed to include 16-20 products. I’ve emailed Love with Food to see if they can make this right and will update you when I hear back from them! UPDATE: Love with Food apologized for only sending 15 items and added 500 points to my account ($5 credit in their shop). I’m usually pretty happy with Love with Food and I like the variety of foods in this box, but most people expect a return on value in their boxes. With those fruit strips only coming in at $.33, why couldn’t they have included 2 or even 3 in the box? This box just seems skimpy to me. I do like their charitable cause, though, so I’ll give them a little break for that, but I’m not overly thrilled with my first box back. What did you think of this month’s box? Let me know  in the comments!

More about Love with Food$7.99/month for the tasting box (8+ snacks); $16.50/month for the deluxe box (16-20 snacks); $19.99/month for the gluten free box (8-12 snacks) for annual plans. Love with Food sends gourmet samples of food,  most of which are snack type foods and all natural or organic. Love with Food also donates meals to food banks in the United States. Read my Love with Food reviews here.

3 thoughts on “Love with Food July 2015 + 40% off your first box

  1. I can’t seem to find the fruitival banana chips on the website. I WOULD LOVE to order more. I too am slighly disappointed with the box but hopefully next month is better.

    • I couldn’t find them online to order either! I only found a list of products on Fruitival’s site and a contact form for wholesale order. Maybe they are new? I haven’t tried them yet- I hope I enjoy then!

    • I wanted to reply to let you know that I tried the banana chips and they are so delicious! By far the best banana chips I’ve ever had and I don’t even usually like banana chips that much. I would actually consider ordering more, too!

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