Munchpak Mini July 2015 + Coupon

My MunchPak Mini arrived in the mail today! MunchPak sends popular international treats and snacks. I love this idea, because I always go to grocery stores when I travel to find the local snacks. If you want to subscribe to MunchPak, click here and use the code SUBBOXBUG to get $3 off your first box (making this Mini box only $6.95 including shipping!).

Check out my Youtube unboxing video HERE and subscribe to my Youtube channel!

first look

first look

Since I got the Mini box (5+ snacks), my snacks got shipped in a bubble mailer and were left in my mailbox. I think the larger boxes come in actual cardboard boxes.

Munchpak Mini July 201

Munchpak Mini July 201

This box does not come with an information card, so it’s truly a surprise what you’re getting and tasting!

Fudo – Swiss Roll in Pandan Flavor -Singapore / This snack is like a twinkie. It has a thin creamy filling. I’ve never tasted pandan before, but it tastes a little coconut-y and sweet. I enjoyed this!

Loucks – Sesame Snaps – Poland / These are like sesame brittle. They are sweet, crunchy, and delicious!

Walkers – Shortbread Rounds – Scotland / I’ve had their shortbread before (so I didn’t taste these yet for this review) and they are buttery and just the way a shortbread should be. I’m excited to see this snack in the box!

Glico – Pretz in Tom Yum flavor – Thailand / There is a picture of a lime and a shrimp on the front of this package. These are thin, crunchy, and very salty sticks. They have some heat to them (I mean they are from Thailand) and I can definitely taste the lime! I wouldn’t be able to eat more than a few of these at once.

Dr. Super Rico – There was no information about this other than the name! I tasted this and it tastes like sugar crystals (like you’d get in a pixie stick or something), but there was a spicy background flavor that I really didn’t enjoy. I’m also wimpy and don’t like spicy foods.

Lion – Hard Candy in Ramune flavor – Japan / I’ve never tasted Ramune before, but these taste like Sprite. They almost have a fizzy taste to them like soda, too, and once you get to the center, a liquid filling (just a small amount) releases with more of that soda flavor. They are blue!

Since most of the products are international and difficult to find online, I didn’t do a price breakdown for this box, but I thought it was a good variety. What a fun way to get a taste of treats from around the world! I also love the tasting aspect of this box. Even though I’d like there to be an information card, it was fun just taking a bite and seeing what everything tasted like. The other snack boxes I get, while surprising and interesting, don’t usually have products that I have absolutely no clue what they’ll taste like. That is probably the best part about this box!

More about MunchPakMini (5+ snacks) – $9.95/month; Original (10+ snacks) – $19.95/month; Family (20+ snacks) – $39.95/month. MuchPak sends the most popular snacks from around the world based on your custom preferences. Click here and use the code SUBBOXBUG for $3 off your first box.

Disclosure: This box was received for review. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and receive boxes until you cancel.

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