Treatsie July 2015 + Coupon

My Treatsie box arrived in my mailbox today after work! It shipped super fast (3 days) and I was excited to open it up after dinner. If you like what you see and want to subscribe to Treatsieuse my link here and the code FRBUCO01 to get either double the sweets in your first box or $10 off!

Treatsie box

Treatsie box

This box shipped via USPS and got here in just 3 days. It is small enough to fit into my mailbox, which was good because my mailbox is shaded (obviously). Watch my Youtube unboxing and tasting HERE!

first look

first look

information card

information card

Stonewell Toffee Trail Mix

Stonewell Toffee Trail Mix

Stonewell Toffee Trail Mix

Stonewell Toffee Trail Mix (melted!)

Stonewell Candy – Trail Mix Tennessee Toffee (2.5 ounces) – $7

This was good, but as you can see, everything melted into one blob. I’m not sure what it’s actually supposed to look like. Treatsie has a promise that if something arrives melted, they will do something about it (I’m not sure what yet). I’ve contacted them and I’ll let you know what they say! The flavors were nicely balanced. I could taste the toffee, cherries, and nuts in the bite I took. It was very sweet.

Wackym's Kitchen cookies

Wackym’s Kitchen cookies

Wackym’s Kitchen– Cookies in Salted Caramel and Margarita (8 cookies in each package) – $4.50 each

These are crunchy cookies. I only tasted the salted caramel ones so far. I do like them, but they are pretty strongly caramel, almost to the point of being slightly bitter. I do taste the salty notes (which I enjoy), but I think these could be sweeter. The margarita ones are supposed to have lime and sea salt as their main flavors.

Anya's Licorice

Anya’s Licorice

Anya’s Licorice– Licorice sticks in Mango, Strawberry, and Cherry – $2 each

This is gourmet licorice! I’m not sure if it’s because these were slightly soft from the hot weather or that’s how they are, but these sticks are a lot less hard/chewy than the licorice I’m used to eating (ahem.. Twizzlers). These are all natural and have no artificial ingredients (win!). I’m excited about these because I haven’t had licorice much at all since I stopped eating most artificial ingredients. The strawberry one I tasted had a light strawberry flavor. These remind me of a thicker fruit strip. Yum! These are my favorite thing in the box.

Treatsie July 2015

Treatsie July 2015

The total value of this box is $22, which is just over the cost of the box. These values seem reasonable and true to me and what you’d expect to pay if you walked into these small artisan shops to buy treats. This box seems like a splurge box to me (and maybe not one I’d get every month), but it’d be a great gift for someone or for you to enjoy for a few months. I’m excited to see what they send in the winter (chocolate….) when everything won’t melt

More about Treatsie: $19.95/month; $56.85/4 months; $203/12 months. Treatsie sends gourmet sweets from 3 different vendors each month. Coupon:  Click here and use the code FRBUCO01  to get DOUBLE the sweets in your first box OR $10 OFF your first box..

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and receive boxes until you cancel.

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