Surprise My Pet November 2015 + 10% off!

Surprise My Pet is a dog subscription box, and I’ve really enjoyed their boxes so far. They recently lowered their prices and are now more in line with Pet Gift Box and Barkbox and much more affordable than before. You can get 10% off any subscription here with the code SUBBOXBUG or LOVE.


Surprise My Pet box


first look

This month’s box had a Happy Thanksgiving theme! Watch me and the boys unbox HERE!



Pet Lou – Lobster rope/plush toy

SPOT– ball and rope toy



Pet Chef– No Guilt Treats (made with turkey, ginger pumpkin, and kale); 2 ounces each bag



Smokehouse Pet Products– Bacon Twist

We also got a dog hat! I lost the picture I had of it on its own. My dogs’ ears are a bit too big for it (plus they hated it and tried to get it off), but how adorable is this! I love that Surprise My Pet has been sending seasonal accessory/clothing items. I would never buy this stuff for my dogs, but it is so cute. I actually died laughing when I put this on both of them.

I liked all of the items in this month’s box! As always, I’m impressed. If you have a dog, you should definitely consider this box!

More about Surprise My Pet$25/month; $23/month (3 months); $19/month (12 months). Surprise My Pet sends dog toys, treats, and chews. They claim that NONE of their items come from China and all treats are all-natural. You can select from the following dog size options: Toy, Small, Medium, or Large. Coupon: 10% off any subscription here with the code LOVE. Read my Surprise My Pet reviews here

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links.

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