Orange Glad November 2015 + 50% Discount!

Orange Glad is a dessert subscription box that delivers artisan treats to your door. You can get $10 off your first box (more than 50% off!) by clicking here! This box ships USPS the first or second week of each month and arrives in less than a week.


first look

Orange Glad nicely packages their boxes, and it’s always fun to see what treats I get each month! Watch my unboxing video HERE.


Orange Glad November 2015

This month, we got:

Shotwell Candy Co. – Tennessee Toffee

Seattle’s Chocolates– Thanks-olate Bar (Milk Chocolate and Toffee)

Dottie’s Delight– Maple Caramels

The Poisoned Apples – Salted Toffee Chocolate/Shortbread/Caramel Bar

Studmuffin Desserts– Bleeker Street Brittle

I loved the bar from The Poisoned Apples the most this month! I was only mildly satisfied with the box as a whole, though. So many items had toffee, so if you’re not into hard/toffee stuff, you probably wouldn’t get much use out of this box. Plus, Orange Glad usually sends at least 1 (or more) baked items like cookies or brownies, and that was missing from this box. I’m hoping for some cookies for December!

More about Orange Glad: $15/month + $4 shipping. Orange Glad sends a selection of artisan baked goods (cookies, pastries, etc.) from across the U.S. carefully selected and packaged. Coupon: $10 OFF your first box (more than 1/2 off!) here.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and will receive boxes until you cancel.



Posh Pet Box September 2014 (new box!) + $10 off subscription and special treat

The owner of the new dog subscription box Posh Pet Box kindly sent me the September box for review. If you’d like to get $10 off your first subscription, use the code POSHWEIM250 at You’ll also receive a special product/treat from the company! This discount is good for the first 20 of my readers and then the code will get you $5 off your box.

Cost: around $30, but it depends on the box you choose and the items you choose for your box (this box is very customizable)

Frequency: every month

Contents: a number of dog beauty (harnesses, leashes, collars, clothes, etc.), treats, toys, and/or hygiene products

Rewards Program: No

posh pet 1The box came nicely packaged with tissue paper, a large explanation guide, and potentially leakable contents wrapped in plastic. Great first impression!

posh pet 7The card had retail values and explanations of what each product was.

posh pet 2PetLou Plush Leopard: $9.39

My younger dog Mandela really enjoyed this stuffed leopard and it actually lasted a few days in my house!

posh pet 3Whole Life Pure Beef Liver Treats: $5.99

These are a big hit in my house! I use beefy high value treats for grooming and it works like a charm every time.

posh pet 5Smooches by The Honest Kitchen Treats: $7.99

My dogs have been enjoying these crunchy heart-shaped treats for when they go in their crate when I leave the house. We go the chicken & cranberry flavor and my dogs seem to like them a lot. This is also a pretty big box and will last us a while.

posh pet 4Jutey Knotted Rope: $7.99

This was another hit in my house. My dogs love to play tug with ropes. This one actually lasted a bit longer than other ropes we’ve had before, so I was happy about that! Plus all the materials are natural in this rope. Another plus!

posh pet 6Earthbath Grooming Foam: $10.99

I haven’t tried this out yet since it’s still warm enough to bathe my dogs outside, but I love this idea! I always struggle with how to bathe 2 giant dogs in the winter when I can’t get them out under the hose outside. Using the bathtub never turns out well either. I love that they included a useful grooming product like this in the box.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. I felt like maybe a chew or something would have been a nice addition (and they do offer them as an option on their website), but there was a really nice mix of toys, treats, and a grooming product. I would definitely consider subscribing to this box if it was in my budget and we needed another dog box. Take advantage of the discount and special offer today!

Nibblr Box August 2014 + free box

I’m about halfway through my Nibblr Box subscription that I bought on Living Social a while back. I’ve really been enjoying the variety! You can check out Nibblr for free for your first box. Use the code 5430 at checkout. 

Cost: $5.99 per box (or slightly cheaper if you order more than 1 at a time)

Frequency: every week, every other week, or every month (your choice)

Contents: 4 single serving snack packs that are low calorie and healthy

Rewards Program: No


My four snacks this month: 

Herby Chicks

These are herb flavored crunchy chick peas and they are awesome. I love them by themselves as a healthy snack or on a salad for some crunch and protein.


This snack mix is a sweet treat. It has chocolate cookies, coffee toffee brittle, shortbread cookies, and almond slivers. It is AMAZING. I definitely rated this high so that it’ll appear in another box soon. The perfect after dinner bite.

The Full Monterey

This is just crispy monterey jack cheese. I had this on a salad and it added crunch and cheese flavor. Love this one!

Punched Up Pistachios

These are pretty mildly coated pistachios (in salt and pepper). I love anything pistachio, so I really enjoy these!



Barefoot by Freeman Foot Scrub Review (FREE from Influenster!)

So Influenster sent me a voucher to get a free foot product from Freeman Barefoot at Walmart! I got the foot scrub in Lavender and Mint and reviewed it on my Youtube vlog. Check it out to see how I liked it!

As I mention in my video, I thought the product had a nice scent to it. It was silky and smooth (as opposed to other very harsh scrubs), but still scrubbed well on my feet. My feet felt soft and moisturized after using it. You also can’t beat the price. At just under $3 at Walmart, it’s a great deal! I definitely think this is a staple for the summer months when our feet are much more exposed than the rest of the year.

Nibblr Box July 2014 + FREE first box!

Nibblr is another great snack subscription box that’s very affordable (just $5.50/box if you order 12 at once). If you want to get your first box for free, click here and use the code 5430 at checkout for the discount. I’ve enjoyed these boxes so far and they keep adding new snacks. They now have close to 80! You can get your box weekly, biweekly (what I do), or monthly.

Here’s my unboxing:

The inside of my box:



Mangia Bene

This is a savory snack mix with herby nuts and crackers that are supposed to have an Italian flavor. Can’t wait to try this one!


Sesame And You

This is a sweet snack mix with sesame and honey coated almonds. Sounds delish!


Apple of My Pie

This sweet snack mix has dried apple pieces, apple spiced cookies, and cinnamon praline almonds. This sounds amazing! Definitely a taste of fall (which I’m NOT ready for), but I love those flavors pretty much whenever.


Sassy Chicks

These are crunchy chick peas. The herby ones I got in my last box were so delicious, so I have high hopes for these! I hope they aren’t too spicy for me. They have chili and lime flavoring.

While you can’t choose your own snacks with Nibblr, you can rate them. If there’s a snack you know you’d hate or don’t want sent, you can rate it “no thanks” and Nibblr will never send it to you. Because of the rating system, you can make it pretty customizeable.

Nibblr Box #1 May 2014 + FREE first box!

My newest snack subscription obsession is here: Nibblr box! Nibblr is very similar to Graze (4 single serving snacks every week, every other week, or every month at $5.99/box). Now I’ll be getting a snack box every week! Everything so far is DELICIOUS in this box. I’m excited about this new box! To get your FREE first box, visit and use the code 5430 at checkout.


First look:

nibblr 2nibblr1







Nibblr is a small, slim box that fits right in your mailbox, so no worrying about packages left at your door!

The snacks!








Fruit Fusion

This combination has apricots, orange fruit pieces, and dried peaches. It was SO GOOD and I already ate all of this one. Sorry about the quality of the pictures! It looked much clearer when I was taking them….








Queen Bee

This mix has cashews, orange fruit pieces, and dried mango. This was also really tasty and a nice combination of fruit and nuts.








Cheesy Crostini

Yum! Crunchy and really cheesy (asiago and parmesan) cheese crackers. Perfect on their own or on a salad as a crouton.








Salt and Pepper Cashews

These are a bit too peppery for my tastes so I’ll put them in my “no thanks” pile (you can rate the snacks just like with Graze so Nibblr only sends you what you’re interested in trying). I’ll probably use them on salads to tone down the flavor.

I highly recommend this box from what I’ve seen so far! I really can’t wait to get my next box in the mail. Enjoy if you try out your first box for FREE!


Eco Emi February 2014

Here’s what I got in my February Eco Emi box! Check out Eco Emi here:


The theme this month was Mardi Gras in terms of the packaging colors. The theme of the products was winter dryness and getting you through the rest of winter.


Goodlight Natural Candles (6): $2.49

I have an essential oil warmer and have used one of these already in it. These are free of all junk that is sometimes in candles and are unscented tea candles. Great addition to the box! This is the second month in a row with a candle product, which I’m totally digging.


Premier Organics Chocolate Vanilla Paste: $1.35

I haven’t tried this little pouch yet (it’s like Nutela from what I can tell), but I picked up some strawberries at the store the other day and I think I might use this on top of those.

Wild Garden All Natural Hummus: $.86

I’m not a hummus fan, so I’ll be giving this away to a friend. I like that Eco Emi included a couple food items this month, though. They always mix up the items which is refreshing.


Jersey Shore Sun Vegan Lip Balm: $5

This is VERY moisturizing. It’s actually called a “lip conditioner,” and I can see why. It has a wintermint scent.


Blissoma Lavish Face Mask: $4.25

I love trying face masks or one time use facial items. This seems like a single use amount. It’s supposed to restore your skin and help with fine lines.


Aubrey Organics Organic Hairspray: $1.99

I never use hairspray except on rare occasions (like going to a wedding), but I’ll keep this around in my cabinet just in case an opportunity arises to use it. I like the idea of organic hairspray!

Lauren Brooke Cosmetiques Eyelash Conditioner (sample tube): $1.50

I forgot to take a picture of this little tube, but you can see it in my video above. This stuff works great during the day to lengthen and accent eyelashes without pesky mascara (which I hardly ever wear).

The total value of the February 2014 box was $17.44. This wasn’t the highest Eco Emi value ever, but I enjoyed the variety of products. Not as big of a hit as January, but still a great box. I love Eco Emi!