Box List

Bath and Body Subscription Boxes

Fortune Cookie Soap: $19.99/quarter. FCS sends 8 mini sized items that preview the upcoming season’s new products and scents. You will receive a box each quarter.

Beauty Subscription Boxes

BeautyArmy$12/month. BeautyArmy sends 6 sample beauty products each month. You can choose your samples or be surprised.

Beauty Box 5$12/month; $30/quarter; $99/year. Beauty Box 5 sends “a mix of makeup, beauty accessories, hair, skincare, fragrance, body, and nail products.”

Birchbox: $10/month (women’s box); $20/month (men’s box). Birchbox sends sample beauty products to women and sample grooming products to men. The men’s box includes a full size accessory.

Boxycharm: $21/month. Boxycharm sends 4-5 FULL size beauty items, including makeup, nail polish, hair products, and perfume.

Glossybox: $21/month. Glossybox sends 5 “surprise luxury beauty products,” including makeup, hair care, nail polish, and more.

Goodebox:  $21/month; $20/month (3 months); $19/month (6 months); $18/month (12 months). Goodebox sends samples of all natural, cruelty-free beauty products, including skincare, makeup, haircare, and lifestyle products.

Ipsy: $10/month. Ipsy sends sample, deluxe sample, and full size beauty products in a custom makeup bag.

Julep Maven: $24.99/month; $19.99/month (3 months). Julep Maven sends $40+ worth of full size nail polish and other beauty products. You can customize your box or skip a month. Mavens also receive other perks- 20% off in the Julep store, free shipping, and early access to special deals and sales.

New Beauty Test Tube$29.95/tube (6 times/year). New Beauty Test Tube sends “a variety of the best deluxe and full-sized beauty products.”

Peaches and Petals$14.99/month. Peaches and Petals sends an assortment of beauty, lifestyle, and jewelry items each month. Coupon: 50% OFF your first box by clicking here and using the code PEACHLZ at checkout. Read my Peaches and Petals reviews here.

Petit Vour: $15/month. Petit Vour sends 4 luxury sample or full size cruelty-free vegan beauty products tailored to the answers you give on your profile quiz.

Sample Society$15/month. Allure Sample Society sends 5 deluxe size beauty samples plus Allure’s mini magazine. You will also receive a $10 monthly gift card to use towards a $50 purchase at

ToGoSpa$40/month (15 pairs of Eyes) or $64/month (30 pairs of Eyes). ToGoSpa sends their eye treatments. For $25 more per month, you can add 3 masks to your order. You will also receive a benefit gift valued at $20 to $50 in each box.

Wantable Makeup$40/month for first month, then $36/month thereafter. Wantable Makeup sends 4-5 full size premium makeup products that are chosen specifically for you based on your beauty profile. If you keep all of the products, you will receive $4 off your next box. You can return any products that don’t work for you.

Fashion and Accessories Boxes

Fabletics$49.95/month. Fabletics sends a fitness outfit each month that you pre-select. If you don’t select an outfit for the month, you will receive credit in your account for the next month. You can skip a month anytime. As a VIP subscription member, you will receive up to 40% off retail value of items.

Rocks Box$19/month. Rocks Box sends 3 pieces of jewelry hand selected for you based on your style profile. You borrow the pieces of jewelry until you are ready to send them back. You’ll then receive 3 new pieces to borrow. You can purchase piece that you love at a discounted price.

Sock Panda: Men’s and Women’s – $19/month (2 pairs); $12/month (1 pair) / Kid’s – $11/month (2 pairs). Sock Panda sends unique, high quality Peruvian cotton socks that you can’t find in stores. They also donate socks to those in need. Coupon: Get 10% off your first box by clicking here and using the code PANDA10.

Stitch Fix$20/month styling fee which is used towards the purchase of pieces. Each month, Stitch fix will send 5 personalized clothing items tailored to your style and budget. You can keep what you want (using the $20 towards your items) and return what you don’t.

Stunner of the Month$9.95/month. Stunner of the Month sends a pair of sunglasses in either Women’s, Men’s, or Unisex. Read my Stunner of the Month reviews here.

Wantable Accessories: $40/month for first month and then $36/month after. Wantable Accessories sends 4 “boutique accessories, handpicked by your personal stylist” that match your preferences on your profile. You can cancel or skip your subscription anytime.

Wantable Fitness and Wantable Style$20/month styling fee which is used towards the purchase of pieces. Each month Wantable sends 5 personalized fitness or fashion clothing items (depending on which box you choose). You keep what you want and return what you don’t, applying the styling fee towards your order. If you keep all 5 pieces, you get 25% off your order.

Your Bijoux Box$35/month; $99/3 months; $195/6 months; $380/12 months. Your Bijoux Box sends 3 specially curated pieces of jewelry each month. Boxes will also come with styling tips for each piece of jewelry.

Food Subscription Boxes

30 Days of Candy:  $34.95/month. 30 Days of Candy sends 30 individually wrapped packages of candy that follow a unique theme. Everyone will start with the “Around the World in 30 Sweets” box as their first box.

Bestowed$20/month. Bestowed sends 7-10 healthy snacks each month that have been chosen by nutritionist Heather Bauer. Coupon: Get 10% off any subscription by clicking here and using the code LOVEHEALTHY.

Candy Club$27.99/month + $6 shipping; $22.99/month + $6 shipping (6 months); $19.99/month +$6 shipping (12 months). Candy Club sends premium candy each month. You will receive 3 containers of candy plus other delicious goodies each month. Coupon: Get $10 off your first box by clicking here.

Fit Snack Box: $23.90/month; $22.90/month (3 months); $21.90/month (6 months); $19.90/month (12 months). Fit Snack Box sends 7-10 healthy snack products to help fuel your workouts. You will also receive a monthly workout in your box.

Graze Box$6.99/box for 4 snacks or $11.99/box for 8 snacks (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Graze Box sends single serving snacks each box with unique flavor combinations that you can customize in your online account. Coupon: Get your first month’s box FREE hereRead my Graze Box reviews here.

Great Kids Snacks$20.95/month (15 snacks); $39.95/month (30 snacks); $45.95/month (30 gluten free snacks). Great Kids Snack Box sends individual sized, kid friendly, healthy snacks that are all natural or organic. Read my Great Kids Snacks reviews here.

Love with Food$7.99/month for the tasting box (8+ snacks); $16.50/month for the deluxe box (16-20 snacks); $19.99/month for the gluten free box (8-12 snacks) for annual plans. Love with Food sends gourmet samples of food,  most of which are snack type foods and all natural or organic. Love with Food also donates meals to food banks in the United States. Coupon: 40% OFF your first tasting or deluxe box or 50% off your first gluten free box hereRead my Love with Food reviews here.

MunchPakMini (5+ snacks) – $9.95/month; Original (10+ snacks) – $19.95/month; Family (20+ snacks) – $39.95/month. MuchPak sends the most popular snacks from around the world based on your custom preferences. Click here and use the code SUBBOXBUG for $3 off your first box. Read my Munchpak reviews here.

Naturebox$19.95/month (5 bags), $29.95/month (10 bags), or $49.95/month (20 bags). Naturebox sends full size bags (2-6 ounces) of healthy snacks, many made with organic ingredients. Coupon: Get 50% OFF your subscription here: Use the code CJPE-60J at checkout for the discount! Read my Naturebox reviews here.

Orange Glad: $15/month + $4 shipping. Orange Glad sends a selection of artisan baked goods (cookies, pastries, etc.) from across the U.S. carefully selected and packaged. Coupon: $10 OFF your first box (more than 1/2 off!) hereRead my Orange Glad reviews here

Send Me Gluten Free$24.85/month; $23.85/month (3 months); $21.85/month (6 months); $19.85/month (12 months). Send Me Gluten Free sends 8-10 gluten free products, including food, household, and lifestyle products “to support your gluten free lifestyle.” Coupon: 20% off your first box by clicking here and using the code WELCOME20.

Snack Sack$23/month. Snack Sack sends a burlap sack of healthy, natural snacks each month. Read my Snack Sack reviews here.

Something Snacks: $13/month; $12/month for 6 months or a year. Something Snacks sends 7 snacks each month. In each box, expect something salty, sweet, an international snack, and a healthy snack.

Taste Trunk$39.99/month (monthly sampler); $99/trunk (BBQ, Gourmet, Sweet, Healthy Chef). Taste Trunk sends 5+ new gourmet items with recipe cards. Each product is valued at between $5 and $15.

Treatsie$19.95/month; $56.85/4 months; $203/12 months. Treatsie sends gourmet sweets for 3 different vendors each month. Coupon: Click here and use the code FRBUCO01  to get DOUBLE the sweets in your first box OR $10 OFF your first box. Read my Treatsie reviews here.

Urthbox$12.99/month for mini (6+ items); $19.99/month for small (12+ items); $29.99/month for medium (17+ items); $39.99/month for large (24+ items) for 6 month subscriptions. Urthbox sends healthy snacks and beverages. The 4 box options are: Classic, Vegan, Gluten Free, or Diet. Coupon: Click here and use the code august10off for $10 OFF your first box. Read my Urthbox reviews here.

Vegan Cuts Snack Box$19.95/month. Vegan Cuts sends 7-10 vegan snack products, samples and full size. Most of the products are gluten free as well.

Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Better Half Box$39.99/month. Better Half Box sends out a Guys box and a Gals box with 6-8 full size and unique lifestyle products that follow a monthly theme, including food, makeup, accessories, games, home goods, and other lifestyle products. The box is designed to give someone who has everything a unique monthly gift. Coupon: Click here and use the code FIRSTBOX29 to get your first box for $29.

Bonjour Jolie$21/month. Bonjour Jolie is a woman’s period box that sends 25 feminine products of your choice (you choose the brand and types) as well as bath and body pampering products, edible treats, and a gift (usually a piece of jewelry) to help make your monthly period better.

Bulu Box$10/month; $110/12 months. Bulu Box sends 4-5 premium samples of healthy snacks, sleep aids, nutritional supplements, and weight loss products. Bulu Box offers an Original and Weight Loss box. Coupon: Get your first box for $5 + pay $5/box for life! Click here and use the code bulufive to get this deal.

Code Red Crate$10-$30/month (depending on box choice). Code Red Crate is a woman’s period box that sends feminine products plus other treats to help make your monthly period better. The $10/month box only sends treats (no feminine products) and the $30/month box sends 40 feminine products, snacks, pampering items, and special gifts. There is also a $20/month box and $25/month box available.

Conscious Box$19.95/month for PLUS box; $9.95/month for TASTER box Conscious Box sends a collection of pure, non-toxic, sustainable products (usually samples, sometimes full-sized) that include body care, home solutions, and food. Read my Conscious Box reviews here.

Dollar Shave Club$3/month (5 cartridges of double blade); $6/month (4 cartridges of 4 blade); $9/month (4 cartridges of six blade). Dollar Shave Club sends high quality razor blades and other personal hygiene products. Read my Dollar Shave Club reviews here.

FabFitFun$49.99/quarter. FabFitFun sends one box per quarter and includes wellness, beauty, fitness, and fashion products. Each box promises a $200+ value.

FAIRTreasure$35/month. FAIRTreasure sends fair trade products such as jewelry, home goods, and accessories from artisans around the world.

GlobeInArtisan Box – $35/month; $33/month (3 months); $30/month (6 months) / Benefit Basket – $19.95/month. GlobeIn sends hand-crafted, artisanal products from around the world. All products are fair trade and your box will come with information about each artisan. The Artisan box includes a hand-woven basket from Mexico + an assortment of products. The Benefit Basket includes a hand-woven basket from Mexixo + one product. Coupon: Get your first box free when signing up for a 3 month subscription OR 25% off a single box here.

Homegrown Collective: $39/month + $9/shipping; $105/3 months + $9/month shipping; $234/6 months; $429/12 months. Homegrown Collective sends “products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.” Each month you will receive items to help you make sustainable and green household products like soap, candles, and foods.

Luxor Box$125/box (every other month) / Petite Box – $39.95/box (every other month). Luxor Box sends 6-9 or 3-4 (Petite) full-sized luxurious items every other month. The regular box has a value of at least $275 and the Petite Box has a value of at least $75.

Peaches and Petals$14.99/month. Peaches and Petals sends an assortment of beauty, lifestyle, and jewelry items each month. Coupon: 50% OFF your first box by clicking here and using the code PEACHLZ at checkout. Read my Peaches and Petals reviews here.

Pop Sugar Must Have: $39.95/month. Pop Sugar sends over $100 worth of the newest beauty and lifestyle products. All products are full size.

Pet Subscription Boxes

Barkbox$19/month for annual subscription; $21/month for 6 month subscription; $24/month for 3 month subscription; $29/month for monthly subscription. Barkbox sends 4-6 dog products (treats, toys, bones, dog care) customizable by dog size (small, medium, or large). Barkbox donates a portion of their profits to dog charities and shelters across the country. Discount: Get a FREE box added to any subscription! Click hereRead my Barkbox reviews here.

Box Furr You: $24.95/month (4-5 items) or $14.95/month (2 items) for an annual subscription that can be canceled at any time. Box Furr You sends all natural treats and toys and donates 10% of their profits to Paw Print Project.

Kit Nip Box: $19.95/month (happy cat) or $29.95/month (multi-cat). Kit Nip Box sends “high quality cat toys, all natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products.” Kit Nip Box donates a portion of their profits to cat charities and countries.

Meow Box: $22.95/month for 6 months; $27.95/month for 3 months; $32.95/month for month to month. Meow Box sends 5-7 cat treats and toys. For each box Meow Box sends out, they also ship a can of cat food to a cat in a shelter.

Pet Box: $9.95/month (1 treat bag); $19.95/month (2-3 products); $39.95/month (4-6 products); $59.95/month (7-12 products). Pet Box sends premium dog OR cat toys, treats, and other products.

Pet Gift Box: $18.99/month (12 month subscription; bills monthly), $20.99/month (6 month subscription; bills monthly), $23.99/month (3 month subscription; bills monthly), or $28.99/month (month to month). Pet Gift Box sends a high quality selection of dog or cat treats, toys, chews, and other pet supplies, customizable by size (small, medium, or large). Pet Gift Box donates a portion of their profits to America’s Vet Dogs to support American veterans. Coupon: 50% OFF your first box by clicking hereRead my Pet Gift Box Reviews here

Pup Box: $26/month for 12 months; $29/month for 6 months; $34/month for 3 months; $39/month for month to month. Pup Box caters to owners with puppies and sends 5-7 dog products plus training information for your pup. The box grows as your pup grows, so the items are customizable to age, size, and dog’s activities. Expect to receive “treats, toys, bones, and accessories.”

Surprise My Pet$25/month; $23/month (3 months); $19/month (12 months). Surprise My Pet sends dog toys, treats, and chews. They claim that NONE of their items come from China and all treats are all-natural. You can select from the following dog size options: Toy, Small, Medium, or Large. Coupon: 10% off any subscription here with the code LOVE. Read my Surprise My Pet reviews here

True Drool Box: $38/month or $96/3 months. True Drool caters to large dogs and sends USA made treats and other chews, toys, and products designed especially for large dogs. True Drool donates 10% of its profits to shelters and rescue groups. You can also buy a $20 box for a shelter dog. Coupon: $10 off your first subscription (1 or 3 month) by clicking here and using the code truedrool. Read my True Drool reviews here

*This page is a work in progress and is not a complete subscription box list. I add more boxes every week!

Disclosure: This page contains referral and affiliate links. 


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