Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Lifestyle Subscription Boxes

Better Half Box$39.99/month. Better Half Box sends out a Guys box and a Gals box with 6-8 full size and unique lifestyle products that follow a monthly theme, including food, makeup, accessories, games, home goods, and other lifestyle products. The box is designed to give someone who has everything a unique monthly gift. Coupon: Click here and use the code FIRSTBOX29 to get your first box for $29.

Bonjour Jolie$21/month. Bonjour Jolie is a woman’s period box that sends 25 feminine products of your choice (you choose the brand and types) as well as bath and body pampering products, edible treats, and a gift (usually a piece of jewelry) to help make your monthly period better.

Bulu Box$10/month; $110/12 months. Bulu Box sends 4-5 premium samples of healthy snacks, sleep aids, nutritional supplements, and weight loss products. Bulu Box offers an Original and Weight Loss box. Coupon: Get your first box for $5 + pay $5/box for life! Click here and use the code bulufive to get this deal.

Code Red Crate$10-$30/month (depending on box choice). Code Red Crate is a woman’s period box that sends feminine products plus other treats to help make your monthly period better. The $10/month box only sends treats (no feminine products) and the $30/month box sends 40 feminine products, snacks, pampering items, and special gifts. There is also a $20/month box and $25/month box available.

Conscious Box$19.95/month for PLUS box; $9.95/month for TASTER box Conscious Box sends a collection of pure, non-toxic, sustainable products (usually samples, sometimes full-sized) that include body care, home solutions, and food. Read my Conscious Box reviews here.

Dollar Shave Club$3/month (5 cartridges of double blade); $6/month (4 cartridges of 4 blade); $9/month (4 cartridges of six blade). Dollar Shave Club sends high quality razor blades and other personal hygiene products. Read my Dollar Shave Club reviews here.

FabFitFun$49.99/quarter. FabFitFun sends one box per quarter and includes wellness, beauty, fitness, and fashion products. Each box promises a $200+ value.

FAIRTreasure$35/month. FAIRTreasure sends fair trade products such as jewelry, home goods, and accessories from artisans around the world.

GlobeInArtisan Box – $35/month; $33/month (3 months); $30/month (6 months) / Benefit Basket – $19.95/month. GlobeIn sends hand-crafted, artisanal products from around the world. All products are fair trade and your box will come with information about each artisan. The Artisan box includes a hand-woven basket from Mexico + an assortment of products. The Benefit Basket includes a hand-woven basket from Mexico + one product. Coupon: Get your first box free when signing up for a 3 month subscription OR 25% off your first box here.

Homegrown Collective: $39/month + $9/shipping; $105/3 months + $9/month shipping; $234/6 months; $429/12 months. Homegrown Collective sends “products that foster self-sufficiency and promote environmental stewardship and sustainability.” Each month you will receive items to help you make sustainable and green household products like soap, candles, and foods.

Luxor Box$125/box (every other month) / Petite Box – $39.95/box (every other month). Luxor Box sends 6-9 or 3-4 (Petite) full-sized luxurious items every other month. The regular box has a value of at least $275 and the Petite Box has a value of at least $75.

Peaches and Petals$14.99/month. Peaches and Petals sends an assortment of beauty, lifestyle, and jewelry items each month. Coupon: 50% OFF your first box by clicking here and using the code PEACHLZ at checkout. Read my Peaches and Petals reviews here.

Pop Sugar Must Have: $39.95/month. Pop Sugar sends over $100 worth of the newest beauty and lifestyle products. All products are full size.

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