Pet Subscription Boxes

Pet Subscription Boxes

Barkbox$19/month for annual subscription; $21/month for 6 month subscription; $24/month for 3 month subscription; $29/month for monthly subscription. Barkbox sends 4-6 dog products (treats, toys, bones, dog care) customizable by dog size (small, medium, or large). Barkbox donates a portion of their profits to dog charities and shelters across the country. Discount: Get a FREE box added to any subscription! Click hereRead my Barkbox reviews here.

Box Furr You: $24.95/month (4-5 items) or $14.95/month (2 items) for an annual subscription that can be canceled at any time. Box Furr You sends all natural treats and toys and donates 10% of their profits to Paw Print Project.

Kit Nip Box: $19.95/month (happy cat) or $29.95/month (multi-cat). Kit Nip Box sends “high quality cat toys, all natural treats, and other fun, healthy cat products.” Kit Nip Box donates a portion of their profits to cat charities and countries.

Meow Box: $22.95/month for 6 months; $27.95/month for 3 months; $32.95/month for month to month. Meow Box sends 5-7 cat treats and toys. For each box Meow Box sends out, they also ship a can of cat food to a cat in a shelter.

Pet Box: $9.95/month (1 treat bag); $19.95/month (2-3 products); $39.95/month (4-6 products); $59.95/month (7-12 products). Pet Box sends premium dog OR cat toys, treats, and other products.

Pet Gift Box: $18.99/month (12 month subscription; bills monthly), $20.99/month (6 month subscription; bills monthly), $23.99/month (3 month subscription; bills monthly), or $28.99/month (month to month). Pet Gift Box sends a high quality selection of dog or cat treats, toys, chews, and other pet supplies, customizable by size (small, medium, or large). Pet Gift Box donates a portion of their profits to America’s Vet Dogs to support American veterans. Coupon: 50% OFF your first box by clicking hereRead my Pet Gift Box Reviews here

Pup Box: $26/month for 12 months; $29/month for 6 months; $34/month for 3 months; $39/month for month to month. Pup Box caters to owners with puppies and sends 5-7 dog products plus training information for your pup. The box grows as your pup grows, so the items are customizable to age, size, and dog’s activities. Expect to receive “treats, toys, bones, and accessories.”

Surprise My Pet: $25/month; $23/month (3 months); $19/month (12 months). Surprise My Pet sends dog toys, treats, and chews. They claim that NONE of their items come from China and all treats are all-natural. You can select from the following dog size options: Toy, Small, Medium, or Large. Coupon: 10% off any subscription here with the code LOVE. Read my Surprise My Pet reviews here

True Drool Box: $38/month or $96/3 months. True Drool caters to large dogs and sends USA made treats and other chews, toys, and products designed especially for large dogs. True Drool donates 10% of its profits to shelters and rescue groups. You can also buy a $20 box for a shelter dog. Coupon: $10 off your first subscription (1 or 3 month) by clicking here and using the code truedrool. Read my True Drool reviews here

*This page is a work in progress and is not a complete subscription box list. I add more boxes every week!

Disclosure: This page contains referral and affiliate links. 


2 thoughts on “Pet Subscription Boxes

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  2. I purchased my first KitNipBox in August. They included a mylar streamer wand toy, made by Ethical Products. My beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old cat some how got a hold of the toy and ate the streamers off. He died shortly after having surgery to remove them. KitNipBox’es contain unsafe toys. They still partner with Ethical Pet Products, who have not just one, but many unsafe cat toys. Just look around on Amazon, and you can see how Ethical Products toys have killed cats, and many other have had to have surgery.

    Please, do not use mylar toys. These are slowly going off the market, because of the huge danger they pose for cats. It’s basically thick tinsel. Ethical Products, and KitNipBox still think it’s fine to use mylar toys. My best friend is dead because of it. My sweet Latte died alone, and scared in a cage. He deserved so much better than that.

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