Surprise My Pet November 2015 + 10% off!

Surprise My Pet is a dog subscription box, and I’ve really enjoyed their boxes so far. They recently lowered their prices and are now more in line with Pet Gift Box and Barkbox and much more affordable than before. You can get 10% off any subscription here with the code SUBBOXBUG or LOVE.


Surprise My Pet box


first look

This month’s box had a Happy Thanksgiving theme! Watch me and the boys unbox HERE!



Pet Lou – Lobster rope/plush toy

SPOT– ball and rope toy



Pet Chef– No Guilt Treats (made with turkey, ginger pumpkin, and kale); 2 ounces each bag



Smokehouse Pet Products– Bacon Twist

We also got a dog hat! I lost the picture I had of it on its own. My dogs’ ears are a bit too big for it (plus they hated it and tried to get it off), but how adorable is this! I love that Surprise My Pet has been sending seasonal accessory/clothing items. I would never buy this stuff for my dogs, but it is so cute. I actually died laughing when I put this on both of them.

I liked all of the items in this month’s box! As always, I’m impressed. If you have a dog, you should definitely consider this box!

More about Surprise My Pet$25/month; $23/month (3 months); $19/month (12 months). Surprise My Pet sends dog toys, treats, and chews. They claim that NONE of their items come from China and all treats are all-natural. You can select from the following dog size options: Toy, Small, Medium, or Large. Coupon: 10% off any subscription here with the code LOVE. Read my Surprise My Pet reviews here

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Barkbox July 2015 + free box with new subscription

Our July Barkbox seemed to take forever to get here! Barkbox is one of the longest standing dog subscription boxes. We have been subscribed for 2+ years. We have enjoyed our boxes, but sometimes find that the sizes of products and toys aren’t well suited for large dogs (this month especially). We have switched to Pet Gift Box and I just reviewed True Drool, which is a box that caters to dogs over 40 pounds. If you want to check out  Barkbox, you can get a free month added to your subscription by clicking here.

See the dogs and I unbox on my Youtube Channel HERE! If you watch our videos, please subscribe to my channel! Thank you.

outside of box

outside of box

This box ships on the 15th of the month via DHL/USPS and took a week to get here.

first look

first look

information card

information card

This month’s theme was Circus.

Encore firehose toy

Encore firehose toy

Encore – Firehose Toy – $15

It might not look like it in the picture, but if you watch my unboxing video, you’ll see that this toy is only about the size of my hand. It’s not suited for a large dog at all. The same goes for the next toy. I’ve contacted Barkbox to see if they’ll make this right and I’ll update here when I hear back from them. I’m also supposed to be subscribed to the aggressive chewer box and my dogs could not only swallow both of the toys included here whole, but they could rip them up in 30 seconds. I was not impressed with the toys in the box this month. I would also never pay $15 for this little toy.

BarkMade Circus Elephant

BarkMade Circus Elephant

BarkMade – Circus Elephant Toy – $11

Again- this is adorable, but it’s the size of my hand. My dogs are 65 and 80 pounds. This is WAY too small for them. I really hope I got the wrong size box. If not, then Barkbox is really slacking on what size toys they put in their large dog boxes!

BarkMade Chicken Biscuits by Healthy Dogma

BarkMade Chicken Biscuits by Healthy Dogma

inside the container

inside the container

BarkMade – Chicken Biscuits by Healthy Dogma (5 ounce) – $8

These are a cute shaped heart biscuit and I’m sure my dogs will love them. I do like that they included a lot of meaty treats in this box.

Feel Good Treat Company beef treats

Feel Good Treat Company beef treats

Feel Good Treats – Trail Blazin Beef Bitz (4 ounces) – $8

We tried these and my dogs love them. They have beef liver as the main ingredient, which I like. These are made in Canada.

Butcher's Block trachea

Butcher’s Block trachea

Butcher’s Block -6″ Beef Trachea – $3

I was happy to see an appropriate size chew in the box. My dogs love trachea!

Barkbox July 2015

Barkbox July 2015

The total value of this month’s box is $45. I wouldn’t pay nearly that much for this stuff- I think those small toys are way overpriced. The treats and chew were a hit, but with 2 large dogs, you’ve got to send toys larger than my hand. That’s almost laughable. Because of this, I can’t really recommend Barkbox to owners with large, aggressive chewers, though they have sent large and durable toys in the past. Update: I contacted Barkbox about the small toys and they gave me a $15 credit to use in their shop. I was able to purchase another Bene Bone for my dogs (they love theirs from a previous box).

Head on over to my Pet Subscription Box list to check out what else is out there for large dogs and what coupon codes I can offer my readers to get you started with a new subscription. If you have a small or medium dog who’s docile, this would be a great box.

More about Barkbox$19/month for annual subscription; $21/month for 6 month subscription; $24/month for 3 month subscription; $29/month for monthly subscription. Barkbox sends 4-6 dog products (treats, toys, bones, dog care) customizable by dog size (small, medium, or large). Barkbox donates a portion of their profits to dog charities and shelters across the country. Discount: Get a FREE box added to any subscription! Click hereRead my Barkbox reviews here.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. Once you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and sent boxes until you cancel.

Posh Pet Box September 2014 (new box!) + $10 off subscription and special treat

The owner of the new dog subscription box Posh Pet Box kindly sent me the September box for review. If you’d like to get $10 off your first subscription, use the code POSHWEIM250 at You’ll also receive a special product/treat from the company! This discount is good for the first 20 of my readers and then the code will get you $5 off your box.

Cost: around $30, but it depends on the box you choose and the items you choose for your box (this box is very customizable)

Frequency: every month

Contents: a number of dog beauty (harnesses, leashes, collars, clothes, etc.), treats, toys, and/or hygiene products

Rewards Program: No

posh pet 1The box came nicely packaged with tissue paper, a large explanation guide, and potentially leakable contents wrapped in plastic. Great first impression!

posh pet 7The card had retail values and explanations of what each product was.

posh pet 2PetLou Plush Leopard: $9.39

My younger dog Mandela really enjoyed this stuffed leopard and it actually lasted a few days in my house!

posh pet 3Whole Life Pure Beef Liver Treats: $5.99

These are a big hit in my house! I use beefy high value treats for grooming and it works like a charm every time.

posh pet 5Smooches by The Honest Kitchen Treats: $7.99

My dogs have been enjoying these crunchy heart-shaped treats for when they go in their crate when I leave the house. We go the chicken & cranberry flavor and my dogs seem to like them a lot. This is also a pretty big box and will last us a while.

posh pet 4Jutey Knotted Rope: $7.99

This was another hit in my house. My dogs love to play tug with ropes. This one actually lasted a bit longer than other ropes we’ve had before, so I was happy about that! Plus all the materials are natural in this rope. Another plus!

posh pet 6Earthbath Grooming Foam: $10.99

I haven’t tried this out yet since it’s still warm enough to bathe my dogs outside, but I love this idea! I always struggle with how to bathe 2 giant dogs in the winter when I can’t get them out under the hose outside. Using the bathtub never turns out well either. I love that they included a useful grooming product like this in the box.

Overall, I was really pleased with this box. I felt like maybe a chew or something would have been a nice addition (and they do offer them as an option on their website), but there was a really nice mix of toys, treats, and a grooming product. I would definitely consider subscribing to this box if it was in my budget and we needed another dog box. Take advantage of the discount and special offer today!

Barkbox July 2014 + $5 OFF subscription!

Our Barkbox arrived yesterday and we were disappointed to see ants EVERYWHERE in our box! I contacted Barkbox and they are shipping out the bag of chicken jerky where the ants had taken over. They got back to me at 9pm at night when I sent them a Facebook message! Talk about good customer service. I definitely recommend this company. The other items weren’t tainted by ants, but in my attempts to figure that out, I took apart and washed all the items in the box. Because of that, I have no photos to show you this month. Here is my video where I show the items and explain what happened:

The items shown in the video:

Loopies Fish Bones Toy: $15

Mandela is going to town on this thing today. He’s already ripped out some stuffing. I know these toys are expensive and he tears them up fast, but he has such fun doing it and he carries around the “carcass” for days afterwards and looks so proud of himself!

Bixbi Daily Essentials Chicken Jerky Treats: $10

These treats look meaty and delicious, but they had ants all over them. I’m sure my dogs will enjoy their new bag (hopefully ant-free!) that Barkbox is sending to us.

Healthy Dogma Coconut Flavor Treats: $8

These treats are crunchy and bone shaped. They have a strong coconut flavor. These are great for going in the crate in the morning when I head to work. I already opened these to make sure they didn’t have ants and my dogs seem to enjoy them.

Etta Says Duck Chew 12″: $4

We love Etta Says in this house! I was so happy it was tightly wrapped in plastic and the ants didn’t get to it. I threw this in our special box that houses chews and higher value treats/bones for rainy days or special occasions.

Mr. Barksmith’s Pina Colada Smoothie: $2

We’ve had these before and my dogs like them well enough. You freeze it and then the dogs lick out the smoothie. It’s a bit of a pain to serve because you have to make sure they don’t bring it onto the carpet, but Mandela loves these things.

The total value of the July 2014 box is $39! Barkbox is a STEAL if you do a year subscription ($18/month including shipping). You can get $5 off your first subscription here.  I know we had some issues this month, but Barkbox was very quick to make it right. We’re definitely sticking with this box!



Barkbox June 2014 +$5 OFF subscription!

Barkbox does it again! Another great box this month! You can get $5 off your first subscription here!

Our unboxing video:

What was in our box:




Benebone Nylon Bone: $12

This bone is bacon flavored and in a wishbone shape, so there are 3 sides to chew. Both of my dogs have chewed this so far, so I can tell they really like it! Here’s Jackson with it!

IMAG1051IMAG1030Silly Bums Baboon Toy: $10

A stuffed toy that’s lasted 24 hours in my house? No way! I can’t believe that Mandela hasn’t ripped this thing up yet. He is sleeping next to it right now. He has carried it around, squeaked it, crinkled it, and played with it. Awesome toy! And also really hilarious and creative.

IMAG1031Benny Bully’s Beef Liver and Banana Treats (2 ounces): $8

There are 2 ingredients in these treats: beef liver and banana. My dogs love both of those things, so I’m sure these freeze dried treats will be a high value treat in our house.

IMAG1032Green Bark Gummies Hip and Joint Treats (8 ounces): $12

These are soft chews with glucosamine and chondroitin along with omega 3. These will be great for Jackson as he’s aging and needs some more joint support. The bag is pretty big, too, and jam packed with treats. It will definitely last a while!

The total value of the June box is $42!! Barkbox is always worth the value. If you order a year subscription, it’s only $18/month. It’s definitely my favorite dog box out there for the value and creativity of treats/toys.


Barkbox March 2014 +$5 OFF!

Barkbox continues to impress and satisfy my pooches! This month’s box was a great combination of toys, treats, and a chew. Check out our unboxing here:

Since I’m not doing detailed info. this month, I don’t have the total value, but from what I can tell, the value definitely exceeded the cost of the box this month. If you do the 6 month subscription (just $19/month), you always get your money’s worth (and sometimes double!).

To get $5 off a Barkbox subscription if you’re new to Barkbox, check out my referral link here:

Thanks and enjoy if you subscribe! I can’t imagine leaving Barkbox anytime soon. It’s an AWESOME box for dogs.

Woof Wag Play December 2013

This is our last month of Woof Wag Play. So sad! I can’t right at this moment afford another subscription and we have plenty of treats stored up. If you’re interested in trying out Woof Wag Play, use my code SUBBOXBUG to get $5 OFF your subscription! Plus, my dogs will get a free box (they have a great referral program that you can benefit from, too!). You can subscribe here:

wwp1I love that this month’s box had 3 full size treat bags/boxes!


Barkworthies Beef Trachea (2 6″ tracheas): $4.62

My dogs have had this type of treat before (rawhide-free) and love it. These will be great for a rainy day! I think WWP has included 2 chews before in boxes and I really appreciate that since I have 2 dogs.


Good Karma by Jax and Bones Candy Cane Rope Toy: $10.50

This is listed as for “moderate tuggers” and Mandela is an aggressive tugger, so I know this will be ripped up in about 5 minutes. I’m waiting to give it to him for a day when he’s really bored and driving me nuts. WWP knows I have aggressive chewers, so I wish the toy had been more durable this month. This feels like a throwaway to me. It is made by a great USA company, though, which I’m a fan of.


Tumbleweed & Eddie’s Festive Feast Treats (4 ounces): $5.30

We’ve had treats from this company before (I think lobster ones) and they were a HUGE hit! I may even have chosen them for a star one month. I love that this company is USA based and sources all USA ingredients.

Buddy’s Kitchen Off Leash Fire Grilled Chicken Treats (5.29 ounces): $6

These are small and soft treats- perfect for training! This is a Canadian company based in  Ontario. These will be perfect for getting my dogs to focus and listen whether at home or at the park. Love bags of small treats! They last so long.

wwp5Sojos Bacon Cheddar Treats (10 ounces): $6.49

Another high quality dog treat with great ingredients (rye flour, oat bran, bacon, cheddar cheese, canola oil, and eggs)! These are “made from scratch in Minnesota.” We had never tried this brand before, but I just gave each woof 2 since they were eyeing them as I sit here writing this blog, and they gobbled them down.

The total value of the December 2013 box is $32.91! WWP is a great value. I wish they’d bring back their discounted 6 month subscription. I’d definitely consider getting it then once I have some money for it. Check them out…they are a great alternative or in addition to Barkbox!