Great Kids Snacks December 2015

Great Kids Snacks sends kid friendly and healthy, all natural snacks. This box also works great for adults! You can pay for this subscription with PayPal (which I love) so you can control how long you stay subscribed. No credit card is required. You get 30 individual sized snacks each month, including bars, cookies, chips, and fruit pouches.

I have to mention that I decided to cancel my subscription to this box. I’ve enjoyed the box, but there were so many repeats. It was no longer worth the cost to me since I wasn’t getting that much variety. I did love the snacks, though, and still recommend this box to you!


December Great Kids Snack Box

Watch my unboxing video HERE!

What we got in our box this month:

Happy Squeeze – Twist Organic Apple, Kale, & Mango pouch and Super Organic Apple, Strawberry, & Guava pouch

Yummy Snack – Peppermint Bar and Peanut Butter Bar (healthier alternative candy bars)

Honey Stinger– Kids’ Organic Chews in Sour Citrus

Detour – SMART Whole Grain Oatmeal Bar with Yogurt Drizzle in Blueberru

Fuel for Fire– Fruit + Protein Fuel Pack in Tropical

Mediterranean Snacks– Lentil Crackers in Sea Salt

PowerIce – ice pouches in Orange Blast and Grape Score

Peeled Snacks– Peas Please in Garden Herb

Ocean’s Halo– The Seaweed Chip in  Sea Salt

Barnana– Organic Chewy Banana Bites

Cabo Chips– Mango Chili Lime Tortilla Chips and Churro Tortilla Chips

Skinny Pop– Popcorn

Local Pastures– Blaistix Grassfed Beef Sticks in Pepperoni and Chipotle Adobe

Ginny Mini’s – Cookies in Butter Crisp Love, Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Bliss, and Coconut Oatmeal Bliss

Health Warrior– Chia Bar in Banana Nut

WowButter– 2 sample soybean butter packets

My Super Cookies – Honey Heroes cookies

TracHealth– Chia + Strawberry Lemonade drink mix

18 Rabbits Jr.  – Granola Bar in Mango Strawberry

I Heart Keenwah– Quinoa Puffs in Aged Cheddar (SAMPLE size)

Earnest Eats– Chewy Granola Bar in Superfood Trail Mix

Nature’s Bakery– Gluten Free Fig Bar

Go Raw – Sprouted Cookies in Coco Crunch

More about Great Kids Snacks$20.95/month (15 snacks); $39.95/month (30 snacks); $45.95/month (30 gluten free snacks). Great Kids Snack Box sends individual sized, kid friendly, healthy snacks that are all natural or organic.



Urthbox (Small Vegan) August 2015 + Discount

Urthbox sent me a Small Vegan box to review this month. I pay for the 6 month Large Classic box subscription (check out my review of that box here). I absolutely love Urthbox and think it’s one of the best snack subscription boxes on the market. I so look forward to getting my box each month. If you want to subscribe to Urthboxyou can get $10 off your first box with the code august10off at this link. This offer is only good through August, so subscribe soon if you’re interested!

Urthbox offers a variety of box sizes and boxes come in Diet, Classic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan. This is the Small Vegan box.

outside of the box

outside of the box

This box ships UPS and got here in only 5 days this month.

first look

first look

The products were almost exploding out of this box. The box itself might be “small,” but I wouldn’t consider this a small sized snack box in terms of products. See my unboxing video HERE!

Liz Lovely cookie

Liz Lovely cookie

Liz Lovely – Snicker Dude Cinnamon Sugar Cookie (3.17 ounces) – $2.50

I Heart Keenwah puffs and Inka Corn

I Heart Keenwah puffs and Inka Corn

I Heart Keenwah– Quinoa Puffs in Herbes de Provence (1.5 ounces) – $1.67

Inka Corn – Original (3.17 ounces) – $1.84

Made Good granola minis and Gorilly Goods nut mix

Made Good granola minis and Gorilly Goods nut mix

Made Good – Granola Minis in Chocolate Banana – $1.23

Gorilly Goods  – Raw Fruit & Nut Things in Original – $1.88

Go Go Squeez and Mamma Chia squeeze

Go Go Squeez and Mamma Chia squeeze

Go Go Squeez – Apple Berry Squeeze – $.78

Mamma Chia – Chia Squeeze in Blackberry Bliss – $1.67

You Love Fruit leather and Veggie-Go's leather

You Love Fruit leather and Veggie-Go’s leather

You Love Fruit – Mango Coconut Fruit Leather – $1.92

Veggie-Go’s – TropiKale leather – $1.40

Blue Monkey coconut chips

Blue Monkey coconut chips

Blue Monkey – Coconut Chips in Ginger (1.4 ounces) – $1.32

Barnana bites and Tutti Gourmet bana krisp

Barnana bites and Tutti Gourmet bana krisp

Barnana – Coconut Banana Chewy Bites – $3.50

Tutti Gourmet – Bana Krisp in Pistachio & Anise – $4.95

Kickers fruit blends

Kickers fruit blends

Kickers – Fruit Blends in Strawberry Banana – $.86 each

(not pictured): Ice Box Water – Canadian Spring Water  (250ml) – $.55

August 2015 Urthbox

August 2015 Urthbox

The total value of this month’s box is $26.93! I’m really impressed with this box and was happy to see some higher value and full sized items in the small sized box. I thought those kind of items only came in the medium or large boxes. I’m happy to see they pack their small boxes, too! I noticed that almost all (except for 1) of the Vegan box items were also in my Classic box, so if you share your box with someone who is Vegan but don’t want all Vegan products, the Classic box will probably have something for everyone in it.

If you like what you see, head on over to Urthbox to subscribe today!

More about Urthbox: $12.99/month for mini (6+ items); $19.99/month for small (12+ items); $29.99/month for medium (17+ items); $39.99/month for large (24+ items) for 6 month subscriptions. Urthbox sends healthy snacks and beverages. The 4 box options are: Classic, Vegan, Gluten Free, or Diet. Coupon: Click here and use the code august10off for $10 OFF your first box. Read my Urthbox reviews here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed and sent boxes until you cancel.

Urthbox Sale – Only 2 Weeks Left!

This month, Urthbox is offering $10 off ANY box! This is a great deal. Last month I received my first box and absolutely loved it. I pay for a 6 month subscription. To get this offer, click here and use the code august10off at checkout. To see what I got in my July box, read my review. There are only 2 weeks left to claim this great discount! I haven’t seen Urthbox offer this high value of a discount before and they probably won’t again soon.


More about Urthbox$12.99/month for mini (6+ items); $19.99/month for small (12+ items); $29.99/month for medium (17+ items); $39.99/month for large (24+ items) for 6 month subscriptions. Urthbox sends healthy snacks and beverages. The 4 box options are: Classic, Vegan, Gluten Free, or Diet. Coupon: Click here and use the code august10off for $10 OFF your first box. Read my Urthbox reviews here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and continue to receive boxes until you cancel.

Nibblr Box July 2014 + FREE first box!

Nibblr is another great snack subscription box that’s very affordable (just $5.50/box if you order 12 at once). If you want to get your first box for free, click here and use the code 5430 at checkout for the discount. I’ve enjoyed these boxes so far and they keep adding new snacks. They now have close to 80! You can get your box weekly, biweekly (what I do), or monthly.

Here’s my unboxing:

The inside of my box:



Mangia Bene

This is a savory snack mix with herby nuts and crackers that are supposed to have an Italian flavor. Can’t wait to try this one!


Sesame And You

This is a sweet snack mix with sesame and honey coated almonds. Sounds delish!


Apple of My Pie

This sweet snack mix has dried apple pieces, apple spiced cookies, and cinnamon praline almonds. This sounds amazing! Definitely a taste of fall (which I’m NOT ready for), but I love those flavors pretty much whenever.


Sassy Chicks

These are crunchy chick peas. The herby ones I got in my last box were so delicious, so I have high hopes for these! I hope they aren’t too spicy for me. They have chili and lime flavoring.

While you can’t choose your own snacks with Nibblr, you can rate them. If there’s a snack you know you’d hate or don’t want sent, you can rate it “no thanks” and Nibblr will never send it to you. Because of the rating system, you can make it pretty customizeable.

Naturebox July 2014 +$10 OFF subscription!

I was so excited that my Naturebox took almost a week less to ship to me this month! I hope that means they have perfected their shipping process and have made it much faster. I subscribe to the 5 bag/month snack box ($19.95) and usually add a few extra bags at $3/bag. This month I just got 2 add-on bags because I got so many last month. If you’d like to try out your first box for just $9.95, click here and use the code CJPE-60J at checkout to receive the discount.

Here’s me unboxing and tasting the new to me snacks!

This month’s box:



Dark Chocolate Berry Trail Mix

This is a really nice mix. It has a nice blend of nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate melted in this one, so NB credited me $4 for the bag. They have great customer service!


Sweet Blueberry Almonds

These are a nice alternative to my favorite dark cocoa almonds which don’t ship in the summer because of the melting factor. They have a light dusting of powder that has a mild, sweet blueberry taste. I’m going on a yoga retreat in a week and think I’m going to take these along with me!


Big Island Pineapple

This is the 3rd time I’ve gotten this dried pineapple. I LOVE it! My only complaint: I wish there was more in each bag!


Whole Wheat Strawberry Figgy Bars

I love all the flavors of NB’s figgy bars. They come individually wrapped so that you don’t overeat. Moist, soft, great fruity filling. A winner in my house!


Antioxidant Boost

The dark chocolate stars in this also melted (so I got another $4 credit on my account), but I LOVE this snack mix. The dried fruit (cranberries, blueberries, and cherries) is so darn tasty in here. It’s the perfect amount of sweet and salty with the nuts. I’m definitely going to get this one again when it comes back into season (they’ve taken it off the list now because of so many complaints of it melting). I already ate the entire bag!


Dark Cocoa Nom Noms

These are a new nom nom flavor and I LOVE them! You have to really like a rich cocoa flavor to enjoy these. They are moister than the other nom nom flavors I’ve purchased. They are quite low in sugar, too, (for a sweet snack) and are a great after dinner dessert.


Acai Berry Crunch

This is probably my favorite NB granola. It’s light and fluffy and the dried berries give it a nice tang. Perfect with some almond milk!

I love that you can choose all of your snacks in Naturebox, so you really get your money’s worth and aren’t stuck with a selection that isn’t appealing to you. I highly recommend it as a subscription box!

Naturebox May 2014 +50% OFF your first box!

My newest Naturebox arrived the other day. I’ve been loving my Naturebox goodies. The snacks are always fresh, delicious, and healthier than most other snack foods (besides whole foods like fruits and veggies, of course). I decided to branch out and try a few items I wasn’t entirely sure about. If you’d like to get 50% off your first box, use this link and the code CJPE-60J at checkout for the discount:

Here’s me unboxing and tasting all of the snacks!


nb2 nb1

Naturebox changed their packaging a bit. The new packaging is orange and yellow with lots of suns everywhere. I like it! I ordered 5 add-on snacks at $3/each (a discount from the regular price and you can add on as many as you want), but for some reason I only got 4 snacks on my receipt and in my box. I think maybe the 5th snack I added (I can’t remember what it was) was out of stock so they didn’t include it or sub it since it was an add-on. Oh well! I’ll enjoy my 9 snacks this month.


French Toast Granola

I love Naturebox granola! This has pecans in it and is a bit nuttier than I would normally go for (pecans aren’t my favorite nut), but I’m sure I’ll enjoy this with almond milk for breakfast.


Lemon Meringue Waffles

Oh my gosh these are so good! They are light and airy and have a great lemon flavor. And there are only 7 grams of sugar per serving (which is 22 waffles!). Great dessert! I would never eat a full serving size at once, so this bag will last me a while.


Lone Star Snack Mix

This mix has a nice smokey flavor and includes almonds, peanuts, cashews, and multiseed chips. Very crunchy and delicious!


Whole Wheat Blueberry Figgy Bars

I’ve gotten the raspberry ones twice now and love them. They’re individually wrapped, so they’re easily portable. They have the right amount of moistness and sweetness. They taste so stinkin’ fresh, too. The figgy bars are a definite favorite and I pretty much order a flavor every month. You get 5 bars per bag.


Acai Berry Crunch Granola

I got this in my first box and loved it. The granola is light and crunchy and the added dried berries are a nice delight. I wish there were more in the bag!


Lemon Pucker Pistachios

The flavor creeps up on you after you’ve eaten them, but these are pretty tangy and tasty. I love pistachios and these seem to have a good balance of flavor infused into them.


Big Island Pineapple

This is just dried pineapple. This was a risk for me, because I’m super picky about dried fruit, but these aren’t bad. They aren’t my favorite, but I think I’ll enjoy them mixed in with other fruit or maybe even on a salad. I love that the only ingredient is dried pineapple. They didn’t add any extra sugar or flavoring to them. Now that’s a healthy snack!


Baked Sweet Potato Fries

This is probably my least favorite snack in the box this month. I can’t decide if I like these. They have a peppery kick (2 types of pepper are in them) and that kind of masks the sweetness of the sweet potatoes. I like that they tried to add another layer of flavor besides the overly sweet note of the sweet potatoes, but I’m not sure it worked out as great as I’d like. With that said, I had a handful of these today when I was out with the dogs and enjoyed them. I’m sure I’ll eat the whole bag, but won’t order them again.


Roasted Kettle Kernels

I LOVE these! They are corn nuts (non GMO, organic corn!) with a honey flavor. They remind me of kettle corn but in nut form rather than popped form. Delicious! And the bag is pretty darn full, too.

All in all, I really love my Naturebox this month. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for healthier snacks that can be taken on the go or eaten with fresh fruits and veggies in between meals. Please use my referral link and code above to enjoy your first box for under $10!

Graze Box #2 March 2014 + FREE first box!

I just started getting Graze Box and I’m really enjoying the service. All my snacks in my first box were delicious. The flavor combinations are really unique. You can’t get this stuff in the store! Boxes are just $6 (you get 2 per month, so $12/month) which includes shipping. Get your first (and fifth if you stick around) box FREE here:

Here’s my unboxing!

Again, no pictures this and next month because of my exams, but I’ll be back in May with detailed reviews/information about each product in my boxes. Thanks, y’all!