Peaches and Petals November 2015 + 50% off!

Peaches and Petals is a new-ish lifestyle subscription box for women. At only $14.99/month (FREE shipping), you’ll get a variety of lifestyle and beauty items for women. Past items have included jewelry, makeup, hair products, an umbrella, a tote bag, and nail polish. Every month there is a guaranteed spoiler item in the box. This month’s spoiler was a fringe scarf and December’s spoiler is a kimono robe! So you basically get the featured item (which always has a higher value than the cost of the box) at a discounted price PLUS a bunch of other extra items as well. If you’ve been looking for a beauty/lifestyle box in a lower price range, this is your box! Click here to check out Peaches and Petals and to subscribe at 50% OFF your first box! Use code PEACHLZ at checkout for this deal.


first look

I was literally so excited to open this box, I forgot to take a picture of the front of it! The box with the items is a hard, reusable box (it’s quite nice) and it gets shipped inside a brown mailer box for protection.

Watch my unboxing video HERE!


fringe scarf

Fringe Scarf -This was the featured item of the month and it’s gorgeous! The picture does not do it justice. It’s soft, thick, and perfect for fall/winter. The color I got is a deep red (it’s showing up way more orange in this photo than it is in real life), and I love it! I was hoping for either red or green, and I lucked out.


travel hair care

Pantene Pro-V– Travel Shampoo and Conditioner

Who can’t use some travel hair care during the holiday season? I know I will definitely use this!



Donut Candle – This is adorable. It’s so realistic looking! The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to have a scent to me. I definitely prefer my candles scented. I might pass this one along to someone as a small gift in the future.


tea infuser

Tea Infuser– This squirrel tea infuser sits on your mug while his tail infuses your loose leaf tea! How cute. Perfect for a fall box, too.


thank you cards

Thank You Cards– These are from Carlton Cards. We got an entire set in our box with light blue envelopes included. I love this idea for the holiday season. Simple and functional.


infinity bracelet

Infinity Bracelet– This is a delicate gold bracelet with the infinity logo. It’s sizeable to any size wrist, too. I highly doubt this has any real gold in it, but it’s cute and would be nice with a sweater or a holiday outfit this season. It looks nice on.


Rachel Ray subscription

Rachel Ray Every Day Subscription– The bonus this month was a subscription to Rachel Ray’s magazine for 2 years. I don’t love magazines, but it might be worth browsing through since it’s free. I thought you’d have to do something to redeem the offer, but it appears that you’ll just start receiving the magazine in your mailbox.

I was really happy with this month’s box. The fringe scarf alone was worth the box for me. The other items were mere bonuses, and I liked all of them. I’m so excited about the robe for next month!

More about Peaches and Petals$14.99/month. Peaches and Petals sends an assortment of beauty, lifestyle, and jewelry items each month.

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Love with Food November 2015 + Discount

Love with Food sends themed boxes of snacks once per month. This month’s theme is Thank Full.  I pay for the 12 month subscription. This box is $19.95/month or $16.50/month if you sign up for an annual subscription. Click here to get 40% off your first box! LWF also has a gluten-free box, and you can get 50% off your first GF box here.


first look

Watch my unboxing video HERE!


chips and popcorn

Dirty Original Recipe– Sweet Potato Chips (1.5 ounces)

479 Degrees– Popcorn in Pumpkin Pecan Praline (5 ounces!)

This popcorn is to die for good. I pretty much ate the entire 5 ounce bag in one sitting. Oops.


graham sticks and sesame sticks

Back to Nature – Honey Graham Sticks

Bella Rustico– Tocchetti Sesame Sticks (imported from Italy)

Both of these snacks were delicious. I already ate them both and loved them.


David’s Tea

David’s Tea – Sampler with 2 tea packets and a voucher for a free cup of tea

David’s Tea is located in Chicago (and I’m not sure where else). I’ve tried their tea before, and it’s decent. I know it gets rave reviews by people who live in Chicago. I’m excited to try the herbal sample we got. I don’t drink caffeinated tea.


Sheila G’s– Brownie Brittle in Salted Caramel

Snappers– Chocolate Pretzel Snacks

Both of these are DELICIOUS. We also got a coupon for a FREE bag of Snappers. Gosh I hope my store carries them, because they are a pretzel/chocolate delight.


18 Rabbbits Jr. – Granola Bar in Caramel Apple

I’ve had this brand before and love it. I am happy to try this new to me flavor! And it’s very appropriate for fall.

Biscoff – Cookies

These are delicious. There’s only one cookie in each packet, which is kind of a tease, so I ate both at once (and still wanted more).


Dilletante – Raspberry Truffles

Monbana– Dark and Milk Chocolates

Maui Whites – Cane Sugar

LWF usually sends a bunch of sweet treats during the holidays and I love that. I like that these are small, single portions so that I can have 1 or 2 at a time (and not an entire bag, though I wouldn’t complain if they sent me a whole bag of truffles).



We got a lot of great coupons this time around! I’m hoping my local store carries some of these items so that I can take advantage of the discounts.


Love with Food November 2015

I was happy with this box overall and look forward to seeing what December brings!

More about Love with Food$7.99/month for the tasting box (8+ snacks); $16.50/month for the deluxe box (16-20 snacks); $19.99/month for the gluten free box (8-12 snacks) for annual plans. Love with Food sends gourmet samples of food, most of which are snack type foods and all natural or organic. Love with Food also donates meals to food banks in the United States. Coupon:  40% OFF your first boxhereRead my Love with Food reviews here.

Disclosure: This post contains referral and affiliate links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and receive boxes until you cancel.


Pet Gift Box + 50% Discount!

Pet Gift Box offers boxes for dogs and cats  at an affordable price. Plus, each box is themed to perfection and nicely packaged. It’d be a great Christmas gift for someone in your family who has a pet! If you want to get 50% off your first box, click here (no code needed) and subscribe.


This month’s theme was Happy Thanksgiving and the paper/sticker are adorable! Watch our unboxing video HERE.


stuffed turkey toy

Griggles – Stuffed Turkey Toy – $14.99

This toy is pretty big and adorable. It is supposed to have a squeaker in it, but I couldn’t find it. I’m sure my dogs will be able to scope it out!


Mirage Pet Products– Holiday Bow Tie – $10.99

This is such a cute idea! I like that we didn’t get another bandana in the box this month.

Weruva– Food Topper in Pumpkin Patch Up! – $3.99


Mandela in his bow tie!


this month’s treats

Blue Ridge Naturals– Sweet Tater Fries (5 ounces) – $12.99

Dog Days Treats– Turkey Breast Jerky (3 ounces) – $9.99

I was pleased to see 2 full bags of treats in this month’s box! We tried out the sweet potato fries and my dogs loved them. They are big, too. Perfect for large dogs.

The total value of this month’s box is $52.95! I was really pleased with the variety in this box and the theme. I love the bow tie and the toy is also quite adorable. Well done (again), Pet Gift Box!

More about Pet Gift Box$18.99/month (12 month subscription; bills monthly), $20.99/month (6 month subscription; bills monthly), $23.99/month (3 month subscription; bills monthly), or $28.99/month (month to month). Pet Gift Box sends a high quality selection of dog or cat treats, toys, chews, and other pet supplies, customizable by size (small, medium, or large). Pet Gift Box donates a portion of their profits to America’s Vet Dogs to support American veterans.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and continue to receive boxes until you cancel.

Orange Glad November 2015 + 50% Discount!

Orange Glad is a dessert subscription box that delivers artisan treats to your door. You can get $10 off your first box (more than 50% off!) by clicking here! This box ships USPS the first or second week of each month and arrives in less than a week.


first look

Orange Glad nicely packages their boxes, and it’s always fun to see what treats I get each month! Watch my unboxing video HERE.


Orange Glad November 2015

This month, we got:

Shotwell Candy Co. – Tennessee Toffee

Seattle’s Chocolates– Thanks-olate Bar (Milk Chocolate and Toffee)

Dottie’s Delight– Maple Caramels

The Poisoned Apples – Salted Toffee Chocolate/Shortbread/Caramel Bar

Studmuffin Desserts– Bleeker Street Brittle

I loved the bar from The Poisoned Apples the most this month! I was only mildly satisfied with the box as a whole, though. So many items had toffee, so if you’re not into hard/toffee stuff, you probably wouldn’t get much use out of this box. Plus, Orange Glad usually sends at least 1 (or more) baked items like cookies or brownies, and that was missing from this box. I’m hoping for some cookies for December!

More about Orange Glad: $15/month + $4 shipping. Orange Glad sends a selection of artisan baked goods (cookies, pastries, etc.) from across the U.S. carefully selected and packaged. Coupon: $10 OFF your first box (more than 1/2 off!) here.

Disclosure: This post contains referral links. If you subscribe, you will automatically be billed and will receive boxes until you cancel.


GREAT Kids Snack Box November 2015

Great Kids Snacks sends kid friendly and healthy, all natural snacks. I have no kids and subscribe to this box myself, because I enjoy the variety of snacks. They usually send a lot of bars (fruit, granola, etc.), which works with my snacking lifestyle! You can pay for this subscription with PayPal (which I love) so you can control how long you stay subscribed. No credit card is required.

This box ships out on the 22nd of the month before to insure that you get the box by the 1st of the next month. Since you get 30 snacks, the intention is that you (or your child) can have one snack per day for each day of the month! The box ships via FedEx and arrived to me in less than a week.

box outside

box outside

first look

first look

Watch my unboxing video HERE!



Nurturme– Yumaroo’s in Banana + Mango + Pineapple

Oloves– Olives in Basil & Garlic

Yang Ban– Sea Veggies Seaweed Snack in Sea Salt



Bandar– Vegetable Crisped Harvest Snack

Good Health– Avocado Oil Chips in Sea Salt

18 Rabbits Jr.

18 Rabbits Jr.

18 Rabbits Jr. – Granola Bars in Chocolate Cherry, Chocolate Banana, and Mango Strawberry



Dole – Mandarin Oranges

Wow – Chocolate Chip Cookie (gluten free)

Detour– SMART Bar in Apple Cinnamon

Pure Organics snacks

Pure Organic snacks

Pure Organic– Fruit & Veggie Strip in Wildberry Apple, Fruit Sandwich in Pineapple & Passionfruit, and Ancient Grains Bar



Smart Candy– Gummies

Raw Rev– Raw Bar in Cranberry, Almond, & Coconut

Health Warrior– Chia Bar in Apple Cinnamon



FuelforFire – Protein Fuel Pack in Tropical

LaraBar– Bar in Apple Pie

Outlaw Bars

Outlaw Bars

Outlaw– Protein & Energy Fuel Bars in Coconut Pecan, Apricot Cashew, and Cacao Nib Almond



Food Should Taste Good– Sweet Potato Chips

Ocean’s Halo– Chili Lime Seaweed Chips



Ginny Minis– Chocolate Chip Cookies

Free for All Kitchen– Double Chocolate Brownie Thins

Nature’s Bakery – Fig Bar

Yummy Snack Bars

Yummy Snack Bars

Yummy Snack – Candy Bars in Peppermint, Chocolate Blast, and Peanut Butter

November Great Kids Snack Box

November Great Kids Snack Box

I was pretty happy with this box. Great Kids Snacks tends to send a lot of repeats (I’ve received more than half of these items before), but I’m OK with that since it’s usually items I like. I do wish they’d stop sending seaweed, because I don’t know too many people (and especially kids) who like it. I also don’t like the Dole oranges, because they are made in China (just a risk I’m not willing to take). I do love all the bars in this box, though, especially the 18 Rabbits Jr. and the Detour bar. I’m excited to try the new Outlaw bars that I’ve never seen before.

Surprise My Pet October 2015 + 10% Discount!

Surprise My Pet is a dog subscription box, and I’ve really enjoyed their boxes so far. They recently lowered their prices and are now more in line with Pet Gift Box and Barkbox and much more affordable than before. You can get 10% off any subscription here with the code SUBBOXBUG or LOVE.

Surprise my Pet box

Surprise my Pet box

This month had a Halloween theme! I’m also pretty sure this was the first month Surprise My Pet used paper and a sticker. Nice touches! Watch our unboxing video HERE!

first look

first look

the treats

the treats

The snacks this month were all great. I do wish there had been a larger bag of treats, but my dogs love all of this stuff, so it’s OK with me!

Pawsitively Gourmet– Halloween Cookie

My dogs LOVED this! The topping is yogurt (instead of icing). A cute addition to the Halloween box!

Puptato Chips – Sweet Potato Chips (2 ounces)

These are dried, but crunchy sweet potatoes. A great, healthy snack for dogs!

Etta Says – Crunchy Rabbit Chew

We have tons of these chews in my house and love getting them in boxes. My dogs drool over these.

the toys

the toys

The toys were both appropriately themed for Halloween! My dogs rip up stuffed toys pretty quickly, but Mandela usually carries them around for a few days before he decides to destroy them. And he loves them, so I don’t mind getting them in the box (sometimes he’s not as interested in the very durable toys designed for large dogs).

Vo-Toys– Tricksters Toys in Spider and Eye

Halloween t-shirt

Halloween t-shirt

We also get a Halloween t-shirt in the box! It is an XL, but if you have a dog over 60 ish pounds, it will be too small. I appreciate the thought and idea. Mandela can wear this, though it’s a big snug across his chest. I didn’t get a photo, but check out our unboxing video (link above) to see me put it on him. I let my neighbor’s Corgi wear it and it fit him perfectly. Cute idea for Halloween and not something I’ve seen in a dog box before.

There was no product card this month with prices or information, so I don’t have prices for you. But if you do the annual plan, this box would only be $19, which is a great deal for all the goodies we got. I appreciate the attention to the theme, which is something new Surprise My Pet is introducing. Overall, I thought this was a nice box!

More about Surprise My Pet$25/month; $23/month (3 months); $19/month (12 months). Surprise My Pet sends dog toys, treats, and chews. They claim that NONE of their items come from China and all treats are all-natural. You can select from the following dog size options: Toy, Small, Medium, or Large. Coupon: 10% off any subscription here with the code LOVE. Read my Surprise My Pet reviews here

Urthbox October 2015 + Discount

I received my October Urthbox this evening! Every month, I look forward to it arriving. I pay for the 6 month Large Classic box subscription. This box is definitely one of my most favorite of all the snack subscription boxes I’ve ever received.  If you want to subscribe to Urthboxyou can get $5 off your first box with the code CRUNCHWEEK at this link.

Urthbox offers a variety of box sizes and boxes come in Diet, Classic, Gluten-Free, and Vegan.

first look

first look

The box is literally 5 POUNDS and is jam packed with snacks. It’s seriously like Christmas when it arrives at my door. Check out my unboxing video HERE!

coupons and information card

coupons and information card

you love veggies and crunchmaster crackers

you love veggies and crunchmaster crackers

You Love Veggies – Spiced Beet Root Leather

I’ve had the You Love Fruit before and it’s delicious, so I was excited to see this brand in the box. I also LOVE beets, so win for me.

Crunchmaster- Multi-Grain Crackers in Sea Salt

Emmy's macaroons and Raw Rev bars

Emmy’s macaroons and Raw Rev bars

Emmy’s – Raw Macaroons in Coconut Vanilla

I’ve had these before in other flavors and they are really delicious for how healthy they are.

Raw Rev – Glo bar in Peanut Butter & Sea Salt / Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt

I’ve had other products from Raw Rev and they are quite tasty. I’m excited about a larger sized bar.

lentil chips and cassava strips

lentil chips and cassava strips

Eat Real – Lentil Chips in Creamy Dill

Artisan Tropic– Cassava Strips with Sea Salt

Mate Bros drink and GoGo Squeez pouch

Mate Bros drink and GoGo Squeez pouch

Mate Bros – Yerba Mate energy drink

GoGo Squeez– Apple Berry fruit pouch

granola, gummies, and biscuits

granola, gummies, and biscuits

Rani’s – YUMMY Buttered Oats in Cinnamon

Movit– Energy Gummies

Nairns – Gluten Free Biscuits

Nourish Snacks and

Nourish Snacks and Grab the Gold

(sorry for the bad lighting in this photo!)

Nourish Snacks– snack packs in Almond Aloha and PB Jammin

Grab the Gold– Protein Bar in Peanut Butter Chocolate

caramel almonds and Jo Jo Bar

caramel peanuts and JoJo’s

Cofresh – Caramel Peanuts with Sesame

JoJo’s– Chocolate Bark Bar

Cocomel's and Sarah's

Cocomel’s and Sarah’s

Cocomel’s – Coconut Milk Caramels in Vanilla

Sarah’s– Savory Snacks in Coconut Currant Curry

October Urthbox

October Urthbox

As always, I’m more than pleased with this box! It had 28 items, which is well over the promised 24 item guaranteed amount. I always find that Urthbox is high in value, quality, and variety. I can’t recommend this box enough. I’ve seen the smaller boxes and it seems like the best value is in the Small, Medium, or Large box (rather than the Mini box).

More about Urthbox: $12.99/month for mini (6+ items); $19.99/month for small (12+ items); $29.99/month for medium (17+ items); $39.99/month for large (24+ items) for 6 month subscriptions. Urthbox sends healthy snacks and beverages. The 4 box options are: Classic, Vegan, Gluten Free, or Diet. Coupon: Click here and use the code august10off for $10 OFF your first box. Read my Urthbox reviews here.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. Once you subscribe, you will be automatically billed and sent boxes until you cancel.